Fun Ways to Showcase Your Photos

Are you looking for creative ways to show case many of your favorite photos or are your searching for that prefect gift for a friend or loved one. Then, its time to investigate what opportunities are out there to achieve your goal of creativity. By being creative you can incorporate all types of pictures – funny, scenic, serious or the you just had to be there types.

A fun way to display some of those digital pictures is by creating your custom calendars. You can customised them for each family, friend or even yourself by selecting this pictures mean the most to the person receiving the calendar. Amusing pictures of your loved ones and pets will make great scenes on tote bags, shirts, coffee mugs or something as useful as a coaster.

During Christmas, some people will create their annual keepsake tree ornament by taking a digital family picture and further personalizing it with the year and names of the family members for their tree and for gifts to family and friends. This can become a valuable keepsake as the family grows and changes each year to remember Christmas past. Another fun way to use the digital picture is to make customized mouse pads. Since most people use the computer frequently its a way to share the fun.

A fleece blanket is a very nice gift for friends and loved ones and it is even something that you might enjoy picking up for yourself. But instead of just purchasing any random fleece blanket, you can make it extra special by having a cute photo added to it. This way, you could snuggle with a picture of your cat, your grand kids or your spouse.

Large tote bags or photo key chains may be just the ticket for those always on the go. For people who like to cook or give the appearance they do a customized photo apron may give them a chuckle, for some laughs a the office a photo tie may generate some fun conversations when you have casual days at the office.

You might even want to consider a photo puzzle or a cute teddy bear that wears a sweatshirt that displays a photo of your choice on it. Why have just a regular old puzzle or teddy bear when it could be so much better?

As you can easily see, there are so many options out there that you might find it a little confusing. The best thing to do is to start with a photo that you know would be loved by the person you have in mind, whether it’s yourself or someone else.

Now that we have come up with some creative ways to showcase your photos, now the fun begins the process of selecting your first project and the photos you will use. Now time to get started looking through all the photos. That special gift giving time will be here in no time.

Sheila Dollarsby has done some amazing things with photos of her 3 kids. She utilizes photo hosting with companies like Kodak Gallery among others. Photo hosting is a service she definitely would not live without!