Generac Portable Generators

The disruption of electric power can be a traumatic and potentially dangerous event. Homeowners can lose heat, light, refrigeration and other critical appliances. Society can no longer function effectively without utility power.

A portable generator is one of the best and least expensive antidotes to losing utility power. They can be worth their weight in gold during a power emergency especially a lengthy one. Portable generators are also great for camping, tailgating and a host of other remote applications. Portable power provides the electricity you need when you need it!

Generac, the world’s innovative leader in backup power systems, offers a wide range of portable generators including the GP, XG, XP, iX and LP lines to fit almost any application. Power outputs range from a minimal 800 watt iX machine to a 17,500 watt GP unit.

Portable generators are usually powered by a gasoline, diesel or propane engine. They are differentiated from standby generators in that they are relatively small, mobile machines mounted on wheels whereas standby systems are permanently installed and hard wired into a home or business’s electrical system.

Standby systems require also require a transfer switch and direct connection to the main circuit panel. If utility power is lost, the standby generator starts up and the transfer switch automatically transfers the home electrical system to generator power. Standby power generators are designed for automatic, round-the-clock backup protection, but they are significantly more expensive than portable generators.

Portable units have to be manually started and appliances are physically plugged into them, but they don’t require costly and complicated installation and inspection. When a portable generator is no longer needed, it is simply shut down and packed away.

Portable units have outlet receptacles built right into them allowing for easy access. Most machines come equipped with 120 volt duplex receptacles and at least one 120/240 volt outlet.

It’s a good idea to rewire important appliance such as furnaces to be pluggable, if the backup power of choice is a portable generator. This allows the furnace or any other vital piece of equipment to be plugged into the generator and become operational without utility power.

When deciding whether to purchase a portable generator, the first step is to ascertain your general power requirements. What appliances do you want to be able to operate with your generator? Do you need to keep everything operational at once or can you rotate power to various appliances as you need them. The quickest and easiest way to get a handle on your total power needs is to manually count up the wattage ratings of the devices that you want to run. Most items have their power consumption ratings listed on them. A four or five thousand watt generator usually provides enough power for most homes or small businesses to get by on.

Authorized Generac generator dealers have trained personnel who can assist customers in assessing their portable backup power requirements and then match them to the appropriate generator.

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