Genuine testimonial of game The Walking Dead


The walking dead is a role playing game set as a point as well as clicks adventure based on the comics series of Robert Kirkman. It was launched for Microsoft windows, PS3, Xbox360, iOS and Mac OS X. It was produced by Telltale Games as well as was intended to become released at the last months of 2011. It was kept back until the early 2012 due to delays in advancement problems.

All of the game constituted of 5 next episodes that were released during April to November 2012. The retail versions of the first season were also released soon after the game releases. The video game is arrived Georgia and the events occur after the zombie catastrophe affecting the state.

The control

All of the video game is a pure point and click adventure that is set from the point of view of a 3rd person with a huge range of camera angles. The gamer takes the role of the hero person Lee Everett who aims to make it through as well as find help with his group of rag tag survivors. The gamer is enabled to connect with the people all over him as well as use the objects in his surroundings.

The personalities can also transfer objects and food items. The video game is mostly based upon personality development as well as drama instead of just zombie action like other video games of this genre. Some sections of the game call for gamer responses as well as selections that alter the game play as well as epic. The selections have to be made in a time span else the character remains quite and it influences all of the game play. During action based atmospheres the player is guided with onscreen prompts without which other personalities would die thus hiving all of the game to become restarted from a point.

The telltale server identifies the whole track of the choices made by unique players and contrasts them with the other players. All of the video game can easily be accomplished despite the selections made by the gamers but the options determine the story of the game overall. The best attributes of the game is that it permits several saves as well as you can also rewind the game to alter the selections made and compare the impact of each decision made on the game epic.


The complete walking dead collection is made in synchronization with the cartoons collection. The story is based with the start of the zombie catastrophe in the whole state of Georgia when most the society is stunned by it.

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