Get Ex Back By Listening

When we want to get our ex back, we all tend to think the same kind of things. We’ve got to promise them we’ll change, we’ve got to do some fast talking, we’ve got to apologize fifty times.

One powerful method to get your ex back though, is to listen, not do all the talking. Most likely, your ex broke up with you because you wronged them in some way. Maybe you were too needy or too jealous.

As time went on, because of whatever you did, your ex’s heart began to fill up with negative emotions towards you. That’s why they dumped you. Their heart is now full of these bad feelings.

You can’t get your ex back as long as their heart is full of these negative emotions towards you and whatever you did. To get them back, you must actually help them to release these bad feelings, get them out of their heart.

There is actually a powerful way to help them do this. Get them to vent. Help them to get those bad feelings off their chest. Once they’ve done this, they will start to feel better.

Getting them to vent is one of the best ways to help them to let go of all the bad feelings that have built up in them. Yes, of course you will need to apologize and do some of the talking. But get them to talk first and it will make everything else go better.

Start off by asking them how what you did makes them feel. Then be a good listener. Don’t argue or defend or justify yourself. The idea is to get them to blow off steam.

If you can do this a few times and really get them to vent, you will be much better off. They may release enough negative feelings to have room to consider taking you back.

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