Get Quality Pet Boarding Services At A Jacksonville Pet Care Service

There are times when pet owners need to leave their pet behind, such as when they are going for a vacation or working. Pet owners can choose to leave the animal at a pet boarding facility. By using Jacksonville FL pet care services, pet owners can rest assured that their domestic animal will be taken care of well.

Animal boarding kennels are a great alternative to hiring home pet sitters. Good kennels provide high quality pet boarding services. They offer value added services like outdoor dog runs and socialization with other animals. They also vaccinate pets before they stay at the facility in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Most pet boarding facilities charge fees on a nightly basis. They often reduce the rates for people who want their pets to remain in the facility for a week or month. The basic price consists of the space that a pet occupies. Dogs are usually kept in a compact gated area that includes a place to sleep and eat. Some kennels have an outdoor area where dogs can play or nap.

Good kennels also walk dogs a few times a day. They provide cats with a space that has multiple levels and windows. These facilities also provide well behaved cats with a common playground. Kennels can also have a fenced outdoor area like a patio where cats may sleep or climb.

The staff members of most boarding kennels remain in the facilities on a twenty four hour basis. The boarding kennels may also have closed circuit television cameras. You can provide the staff of a boarding facility with food and ask them to feed your pet at specific times.

An animal boarding facility can accommodate most of your requests. You may pay more if you request some services such as administering oral medications or preparing food in a specific manner. A good pet care facility can also handle emergency situations properly.

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