Great Gifts For Wholesale E-Cig Users

Everywhere you go these days, you see people with electronic cigarettes and there are plenty of reasons why people have decided to vape. Not only can it cost less than tobacco cigarettes, there’s no second-hand smoke and you can choose E-liquids without nicotine. In addition, there are tons of flavors of wholesale E-liquids and it could take years to try them all. E-liquids and other electronic cigarette accessories make great gifts, so consider a few of these options when you shopping for your favorite vaper.

One of the most exciting components of vaping is trying out all of the amazing wholesale E-Liquids on the market. Some taste like your favorite candy or sugary cereal, some taste like espresso drinks, some like cocktails and some have smokier, traditional tobacco flavor. Purchasing a selection of wholesale E-liquid cartridges could be a great gift for someone who loves to vape.

One Las Vegas vape store, Vype Vapor, has created eight flavor categories for their wholesale E-liquids. One fun category of fruit-flavored E-liquids is named in honor of the castaways on Gilligan’s island; you can try the Gilligan flavor or perhaps sample Ginger or The Professor. If your friend loves a good cocktail, consider The Happy Hour collection of E-liquids which features flavors such as the South Peach or the Lemon Drop. Consider purchasing one set of wholesale E-liquids for your friend as a gift.

While a few electronic cigarettes are disposable most wholesale E-cigarettes are used many, many times and contain a rechargeable battery. Some E-cigs have batteries that only last for a few hours, so mods were invented to allow you to use your E-cig for a longer period of time. Mods also have become a way to show off a bit of your personality, and there are literally thousands of designs of mods to consider. A mod can be a gift as well as a conversation piece, so choose wisely. We’ve seen mods in various colors, mods with images of Marilyn Monroe and even a “Breaking Bad”-themed mod and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because you use a wholesale electronic cigarette over and over again, it does require a small amount of maintenance. A cleaning kit can be a helpful item to give to some who vapes. Another option would be a nice looking case for all of your friend’s vaping equipment, E-cigarettes and wholesale E-liquids. There are plenty of attractive and unique cases on the market, so take a look at what’s out there and pick something that suits your friend’s personality.

Aside from the wholesale E-liquids, mods and other gear, there are some fun vaping t-shirts out on the market. For instance, you could get a shirt that says, “Keep Calm & Vape On,” or perhaps “I Vape Therefore I Am.” If you aren’t 100% sure about what gift give, consider giving a gift card to your friend’s favorite vape shop and let them choose the perfect gift on their own.

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