Great Tips on How to Renovate Your Bathroom

With the credit crunch burning holes in our wallets, the last thing we intend on doing is paying an arm and a leg on a new bathroom or even renovating an old bathroom with new and expensive bathroom furniture. Having an atmospheric place to relax after a hard day’s work is always ideal, but for many of us, it is far too expensive a fantasy, especially in the current economic climate.

Yet a bathroom renewal does not have to be as costly as we would think. There are many economic strategies we can employ to create the bathroom of our dreams, while still managing to make ends meet. By looking at how mirrors, tiling, furniture and paint can be used in an economically viable manner, the bathroom of our dreams can, in fact, become a reality.

As various designers will point out, mirrors are very useful in creating an illusion of space. By placing full-length mirrors on opposite walls or on cupboard doors, a small bathroom can be made to look twice a large. The type of tiles and lighting you use can create a similar effect. By adopting big, warm lights, in addition to large-size tiles, your bathroom area can be made to look significantly bigger. Rather than spending excessive amounts of money on physically enlargening your bathroom, attempt to create an illusion of space instead.

If you do not have the physical space to place the furniture you want, there are more cost-effective ways to create the space you need. Getting specially fitted or built-in furniture is, for instance, useful for freeing up space. Instead of standing cupboards or cabinets, get smaller, yet deeper, wall cabinets that can hang overhead. Additionally, the use of wooden planks to create your own storage place for towels or beauty products is an idea to be considered – planks on the wall leave more floor space, so utilizing the space you have in an intelligent manner is a very cost-effective way to clear up the space you need in your bathroom.

As colour is a large contributing factor that sets the atmosphere for any bathroom choosing the right type of wallpaper or paint is crucial. Painting a room yourself is the cheapest way in which to drastically alter the tone and create the ambience you seek.

Decoration is highly subjective and arbitrary, so choose your colours in accordance with the tone you want to set:

Soft and pale colour schemes (such as peach and beige) have a tendency to make a room look bigger, creating an illusion of space similar to mirrors.

Cool colours (such as sky blue and jade green) to set a tone of calm and peace.

To create a cosy, comfortable atmosphere, warm and bright colours (such as ruby red, orange, or green apple) are advisable.

As the above suggestions exemplify, a bathroom renewal does not have to be overly costly. By replacing the furniture, adding mirrors, and giving the walls a lick of paint, there is no need for expensive professional designers or renovators, while still reaping the benefits of your ideal bathroom.

Tal Potishman, editor of Heating Central, writes articles about boiler, central heating, plumber St Helens , underfloor heating and solar thermal. He specializes in helping save money by advising on efficient heating.