HCG Drops The New Diet Aid

There are hundreds if not thousands of diets out there. Many claim success, for the right person that is. Some work great, some you might even gain weight on. If done right any diet can work. One diet that seems to be working for most though is the HCG Drops diet.

With all diets its about adjusting what you eat. You could eat grapefruit all day, or something else. Some are pretty wacky. Some are sound science. If you eat the correct amount of calories, and exercise a bit, you will lose weight. How fast and how much is up to you.

A HCG diet works slightly different. With other diets, its about controlling food, and trying to exercise. They claim there is a secret ingredient to the grapefruit, or the cookie they sell you. What if there really was something that would trigger your body to shed weight? Something that your body already does, but with extra help triggers more weight loss.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin occurs naturally in every body. How much we have varies, from day to day. As we get older, we produce less. When we are young it is key to our growing and developing. It also helps a bit in recovery from stress. Some doctors from Europe have been trying HCG to help in diets. When on the proper diet, it helps the body shed pounds, and avoid extreme hunger. It also helps prevent the body going into a conservation mode.

Your body is very protective of itself. If you dont eat enough, it tries to conserve everything. You will have less energy, you will convert less fat, and everything you eat it will cling to. If a diet is wrong, you plateau, not lose weight or even gain weight. Ideally you want to eat just enough not to go into conservation mode. How to do this is what makes a diet so difficult.

This specific diet is a bit different. The main part of the diet is very aggressive. It calls for eating around 500 calories a day. It is restrictive in what you intake. No sugars, or chemicals. Higher protein, less processed foods. Technically if you could get used to the diet, and your body doesn’t go into massive conservation mode, it would lose weight anyways.

Adding HCG to this mix helps the body combat the issues of the diet. You wont go into conservation mode, you will also stave off hunger. It boosts the release of that excess fat your body clings to but doesn’t need. For some that is half a pound a day, others up to 2 pounds a day. You will use the diet and the drops in short cycles of slightly less than a month. Then a short break, and then on it again. You wouldn’t go for more than 2-3 months before a longer break.

Realize that not every diet can work for you. Everyone is a bit different, and how they react, will power, and habits all play factors. This HCG drops diet will help most people. Like any of them you have to commit and really try to stick to it. If you bypass many of the recommendations, it will be much less affective.

HCG drops are an efficient way to deliver Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. For quick weight loss you eat fewer calories and use HCG as directed.