Hemorrhoid Treatment That Works

Friction around the anus can cause some veins to swell and become inflamed; causing what is commonly known as hemorrhoids. A condition faced by people all over the world, with many suffering in silence because of lack of treatment knowledge or embarrassment. However, hemorrhoid treatment is simple and effective most of the time.

The main causes for hemorrhoid are constipation, pregnancy and high intake of hot and spicy food, caffeine and frequent diarrhea or straining.

hemorrhoid symptoms include inflammation of the cells around the anus, swollen veins around the area, itching sensation, burning and irritation. If it is not treated accurately, the agitated tissue will worsen and may result in bloody stool discharge, mucus and even protruding external hemorrhoid.

When a swollen vein pushes out of the anus, the situation is called external hemorrhoid. This then causes the friction to increase, making matters deteriorate in to a painful situation. Do no ignore the symptoms and hope that it will go away because that will only make it worse. The pain can be unbearable after a while.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids occur due to constant blood clot around the affected area. This too leads to external hemorrhoids.

Mostly patients suffering from hemorrhoids are asked to apply some topical ointment to take care of the agitated skin tissue. Other than that, some herbal oral medication can also be prescribed to treat the cause factor, which is inflammation.

During treatment, it is imperative that certain rules be followed. This includes avoiding food with lots of spice content which does nothing but worsen the situation by causing friction, which leads to further tissue damage. Food with high fiber content is advised, as it helps in passage of stool. One should never scratch the area or rub it to clear the mucus because a consequent blood clot is harmful.

For those who suffer from the condition repeatedly may require laser surgery or rubber-band ligation to cure it completely. Alternatively, rather than painful surgery many sufferers are turning to a proven natural hemorrhoid treatment the offers instant pain relief and works quickly at removing the problem.

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