Hints Of Get A Good Fake Tan On

Being tanned helps you to have a skin that appears healthy and sexy. It has long been believed that to get a good tan, one should go outside and have some time in the sun. This is not always the case. In fact, many people are now considering getting a fake tan instead since the sun has been known to cause cancer as well as causing us to age faster.

If you cannot afford to get tanned in a salon, you can use your own self tanner, at least on the face. To do this, you should pull your hair up and tie it. Next, you clean and exfoliate the skin and apply under-eye cream. You then blend moisturizer and self tanner in equal portions and apply all over the neck and face. Make sure you apply just enough to give natural results.

Let it sit for a minimum of three hours. After that, apply a bronzer on the parts that would get hit by the sun most. This includes the forehead, nose and cheeks. This evens the tone and gives it a more natural look. Never forget to apply on your upper ears and the lobes. It is a tanning disaster to forget these too, yet it is so common a mistake to make. No one wants to look like an elf.

If you choose to also tan the rest of the body, then start by exfoliating it too. Since dry skin absorbs excess tanner, make sure you pay extra attention to these parts. You must also shave as much as possible. Start by tanning your legs and hands, applying the tanner all over until they are completely covered. After that, work on the hips, stomach and torso.

Do not wash your hands after applying as this will take the tanner off the back of your hands. Instead, use a wet cloth to wipe it off your palms and in between the fingers. For extra effect, you may also use a body shimmer. Just use it on the arms and legs, the rest of the body does not really need it.

There are several tanners in the market, so be careful on the one you pick. Out of the several face, airbrush or cream tanners in the market, as well as bronzing gels and enhancers, be careful to pick one that will best work with your skin. You can even combine them to create a crossfading effect. This is achieved with the help of a little lotion.

If you make a mistake, do not panic. Just use a little bit of toothpaste or astringent toner to get it off. In the event that your fake tan is not dark enough, just redo the entire process.

For most individuals, a fake tan is much easier and simpler to obtain than that received by the sun’s rays. You can utilize a Sun Laboratories spray tan machine to enhance your appearance.