How a New York Life Insurance Quote Helps Women

Currently, more women are increasingly among the employed (they stand at about 50%) but apparently they’ve ignored getting any New York life insurance quotes more than men. In fact, the US Department of Labor Statistics indicates that women do not have New York life insurance to protect their income.

Basically, women focus on health and dental insurance rather than spend any time on looking into understanding how to get a New York life insurance quote and what it might do for them. The study done by Hartford’s Financial Services Group shows that 74% of en are comfortable and understand life insurance as opposed to 64% of women. While it’s not an easy subject, women do need to find ways to learn more about it and to use it as a means of protecting and caring for their families.

The simplest and easiest means of starting to get life insurance is to see if it is offered through your employer and sign up for the plan. Most employer arranged policies are only for 1-2 years of income. That may not be enough but it’s a beginning. Recent studies show that only 61% of women have used this benefit while men, on the other hand, have taken advantage of it 68% of the time.

No one says this is an easy topic to discuss. However, making time to learn and understand the options that are available when looking for NY life insurance quotes and making sure that you have a will are part of the steps of life. The internet makes it a fast and easy way to understand the differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance. Once you do that, you can easily submit your information for a New York life insurance quote site. You’ll then get several quotes from different companies.

With women making more money and having a larger portion of the jobs, it’s time that each of us need to have the coverage and protection that men do both today and for the future. We don’t want to leave our families unprotected in the event of our death. Getting a New York life insurance quote is an easy way to see that that never happens to you. That way, you know that you have given your family the protection and the future life that you would like them to have.

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