How I Repaired My Window AC So It Didn’t Keep Me Up All Night

Last summer season, I bought a new window a/c unit. It was my very first air conditioner purchase. Up until then, I had depended on fans and open windows to try to cool things down. However, I got a great deal on a window unit. It only cost me $140, so I thought I would give it a try. My pal and I set it up in less than an hour and, in all honesty, it does do a great job cooling.

In spite of all these positive attributes of window AC unit, it is essential to keep in mind that window units can be relatively noisy. The amount of noise depends on the number of BTUs or window a/c has. Some individuals who are sensitive to high decibel noises do not like these types of air conditioners.

Before you purchase a brand-new window air conditioning system, you ought to do a little better investigation about how loud each unit is. The level of volume is determined in decibels. For example, a subway train usually is about 90 dB loud. The majority of window air conditioners measure between 60 and 80 dB. This can be quite loud if you are making use of the device throughout the night while you are attempting to sleep.

The reason why window air conditioners are so loud is because the compressor and the fan are housed in the very same unit. These are the two loudest components of the whole machine. By contrast, split air conditioning system houses the fan in your home and locates the compressor outdoors. As a result, split air conditioners are normally quieter than window units. The downside with a split air conditioning system, without a doubt, is that it sets you back substantially more than a window device. If your air conditioning system’s decibel score isn’t really especially high, you might wish to take a glimpse to identify if there is some other reason why your a/c unit is making so much noise. Vibrating or rattling sounds are typically due to improper setup.

Follow our suggestions for seeing to it your air conditioning unit is as quiet as it can be.

Begin by examining the screws holding the front panel of the system on. See to it that the screws are securely tightened up. If they’re not, this can lead to rattling of the machine. The next step is to determine if the a/c is vibrating against the windowsill. Double check to ensure that the braces holding the window air conditioner in place are securely fastened. If that air conditioning unit system is sitting at a weird angle, simply insert some little pieces of wood between the windowsill and the a/c to hold it safely in place. Follow these pointers to ensure that your ac system is as quiet as possible all season long.

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