How To Attract Real Estate Buyers In A Down Market

There are numerous new rules to survival in the current real estate market. A lot of them however, I have looked at the demand side of the equation. Sure, if you market properly for listing leads you may have numerous properties to offer the new exacting customer, but where do you find that New Exacting Customer?

1) Property investors: Although a lot of individuals feel that we have not hit bottom, the opportunity for investments is beginning to heat up. There are a lot of real estate investors are searching for that next opportunity, foreclosure, or discounted sale. Those agents that can help investors with the details of purchasing real estate with less than 100% down, there may still be opportunities to be had. You may want to consider promoting your services and experience to the investment market, either for individual real estate services, or even consultation and guidance.

2) People looking to move: Yes it is now a buyer’s marketplace, but that does not mean that there won’t be buyers. Unlike the previous sellers market, buyers today have their choice of both the property that they want and the agents that they want to work with. To get the focus of these clients, position yourself as an aggressive savings manager with expertise in helping buyers get the best possible deal and the home of their dreams. As for attracting these clients, place ads, co-op market with your local coffee shop, fitness club and small businesses, and host how to buy foreclosure webinars and seminars.

3) Help relocating: Some of the most successful real estate agents are now turning to the relocation market and establishing programs to service that niche. Resources such as the internet, online pages, and even the phone book, or HR department of your closest multinational may be able to connect you with the right people.

4) Bank Owned Property specialist: Both on the buying and selling side, the agents that deal with the banks have a ready-made inventory on discountable properties. Contact the loss mitigation department of various banks to see if they have inventory that you can sell. Also, if you are familiar with the requirements of the banks to purchase Real Estate Owned, you can position yourself as a specialist for both the investor and the movers looking for a deal.

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