How To Avoid Marietta Winter Roof Leaks

Water damage caused by a leaking roof resembles the destruction caused by conventional flooding. Carpets need replacing, rooms usually require new paint, wooden floors warp and expand, and interior spaces become an ideal site for mold. While any water-related damage is a homeowner headache, Marietta winter roof leaks can be detected and prevented before they escalate into unexpected repairs.

When problems arise during the cold, wet months, do-it-yourself fixes may be difficult or impossible to complete successfully. While some issues may be caused by severe storm damage, many are simply the result of neglecting routine maintenance over many seasons, can be prevented by taking a few simple steps during warmer months, and are not technically difficult to complete.

Many potentially costly issues can be avoided just by removing tree debris that accumulates. Sizable branches from mature trees may fall onto the surface where they are not easily seen, and smaller twigs and normal leaf drop gravitate toward the storm gutters. Nearby vegetation must be regularly trimmed to prevent branches from rubbing on roofing material during wind storms.

Although temperatures worldwide are gradually rising, snow and ice storms can still be a factor in the region called the American Sunbelt. When hard freezes occur, ice dams may form across gutters, and when temperatures rise water may flow into easily damaged walls and joints. If decayed leaves and other debris are cleaned away regularly, the problem is far less common.

Another easy-to-ignore chore is inspecting the attic insulation to make sure there are no coverage gaps. Insulation helps prevent the escape of heat, which can accelerate the rate of surface snow melt. In some cases removing overhead snow manually may be necessary if a particularly brutal storm has left significant accumulations. Collapse is rare, but can occur.

Even though the materials may seem solid, a regular fall inspection prevents unpleasant surprises. Flashing is the metal strips that are installed where shingles meet chimney bricks, skylights, and other installations. Over time cracks or holes may develop, and are the perfect entry for water. When detected early, they are relatively simple to fix.

Arranging an annual inspection through a service helps detect and repair problems, and if a new installation becomes necessary, can save money on construction materials. Experienced workers also avoid the common collateral problems that plague do-it-yourself attempts. When bad weather comes, relaxing inside a home without leaks is worth the expense.

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