How to Build Your Self Confidence

As a child, I was quiet and shy and I thought Self-Confidence was something you either had or didn’t have – like being tall or having red hair. Actually, I thought it was something that the “lucky” people had. Fortunately for me, I learned that Self-Confidence is a quality that can be developed. In fact, I find Self-Confidence to be a wonderful byproduct of understanding and applying the Law of Attraction. With the Law of Attraction, you can enjoy the Self-Confidence that comes from knowing who you really are, from knowing how life works, from knowing how to make your dreams come true. With the Law of Attraction, the Self-Confidence is available to everyone.

[How Can I Get Self Confidence]

One of the foremost myths about self-confidence is that people are born with self-confidence. It is a quality that cannot be acquired. Nothing can be farther from truth. Self-confidence, like other skills, can be built. All that you need is right guidance and a belief in yourself.There are others who blame their low self-confidence to their lack of good looks and poor upbringing. They don’t realize that self-confidence has nothing to do with their looks. It is a reflection of one’s confidence. The only way they can overcome this myth is by learning to believe in themselves. In fact, talent and self-confidence are not inter-related.

We all need this sense of certainty in the things we attempt to do. Certainty makes us feel confident in our ability to deal with a situation. Without certainty we tend to hesitate as we are unfamiliar with what might happen. As human beings we ALL need a sense of certainty. If you lack that sense of certainty you will remain immobilized by your own lack of confidence.

3. Another myth is that self-confidence is directly proportional to the recognition and praise that an individual gets in his or her life; the ones who are not so lucky wallow in self-pity. Once again, there is little doubt that recognition and praise make you feel good about yourself, and boost your self-confidence.

By learning to consciously cultivate these attitudes you can learn to be confident. Like building muscles, you systematically, purposefully build confidence in yourself until you learn to rely on yourself without hesitation. Building self confidence is a cycle that can either serve you or break you down even further. The self confidence-cycle is self reinforcing – the more you act on your doubts, the more confidence you build and the more confidence you have the easier it is to just do it with certainty, the more you are willing to do…and the cycle continues.

Because belief is just a thought you keep thinking, keep thinking thoughts such as: “I AM a confident person. I radiate Self-Confidence. I project an aura of Self-Confidence.” Think and FEEL these kinds of affirmations and your Self-Confidence will go through the roof! Focus on what you love and appreciate and value about yourself. Once you get focused on your positive aspects, you’ll realize how great you truly are! Notice when you DO feel confident. Maybe someone gave you a compliment, thanked you for a job well done, asked you for a date. FEEL the satisfaction, the pleasure, the confidence. The more you FEEL it, the more Self-Confidence will become your dominant vibration.

In contrast, people who lack self-confidence are afraid of failure. This fear prevents them from taking on new tasks. They constantly pine for the approval of others, and when they don’t get it they end up losing their self-confidence.What is apparent is the lack of understanding. People must realize that self-confidence is a state of mind. It is not dependent upon a person’s beauty or looks. It flows from a person’s self-belief, and this belief can be built.All that a person needs to do is to debunk myths that self- confidence cannot be acquired or that self-confidence is a byproduct of exceptional knowledge, skills and luck. Once they do so, they will find it easier to acquire the same magnetic powers that self-confident people have.

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