How To Copy Wii Games On A Computer?

One of the most fascinating gaming consoles in recent times is the Nintendo Wii. There are many fanatics who love spending hours in front of their computer playing these games. It will be a waste of a lot of money if any of these CDs get lost or destroyed. Therefore, it is natural that every owner of this game wants to keep back up copies of it as a safety measure.

These games come on CDs like the one you use to get your backups on, but are usually copyrighted, which means, you can’t rip it like you copy music! We’ll give you a few ideas on how to get about copying them, going step by step. Just keep reading and you’ll get to know?

Do you use Nero or Roxio to burn your CDs? Well, we’ll give you a little shocker ? Wii games can’t be copied using this same software, so you’ll need to get specific software programs that will help you burn such disks. Nintendo games are encoded and copy protected, which means, you can’t get a copy made unless you own a special software!

Someone took time but eventually cam up with a workaround, as is the case of most copy protection. The copy protection that comes on a Wii disc can be read through available programs.

Once installed, you have the gaming world at your fingertips, literally! Now you can make a copy of almost any game and you’ll find your computer becoming a magical machine ? that is, it’ll suddenly realize how to read the information on game CD. Now you can burn almost anything ? PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii games! Imagine!

These programs can also break a few PC games which use encryption. This software can help create backup copies if own more than one game system, and not just your Wii.

You will have to copy the data on your game as a disk image after searching and installing a program to help you break the encryption. You simply need to put a blank DVD or CD into the drive after having this disk image on your hard drive. Then you simply instruct the program to burn the image to it.

You may not have to resort to your regular burners at all as often burning and copying functions are included in the decryption program itself. When ripping and burning the disk, chances of an error are thus reduced.

Therefore, if you were worried about losing or destroying the CDs of your precious gaming consoles, you can stop doing so now. There are plenty of software programs that help you to break the protection code on these gaming CDs and enable you to write the game onto a duplicate CD. Since most of these gaming consoles are expensive it makes sense to make back up copies of them. Now you can do it with the help of these special software.

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