How To Deal With A Break Up Before It Consumes You

Break ups are a nasty business and it often seems like you won’t be able to come out of one alive. The feelings and emotions experienced during a break up can become so intense that you may feel that they could last forever and that there will be no end to the hell that is the broken heart.

Many of these emotions are caused from the embarrassment you feel from being broken up with. It is natural to feel this like this. And the best way to overcome it is to accept the embarrassment so that you can get over a break up and move on.

You may find yourself feeling angry and resentful to your former partner, again, this is perfectly natural. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, however be sure you only let your anger out in an appropriate environment.

It is perfectly acceptable to cry, wail and scream in the privacy of your home or with friends: What is not acceptable is taking your anger out on your ex partner. Just because they have left you and you are hurting does not mean they too deserve to be hurt. Acting out on your ex will also make you appear small and petty to others.

Self blame is also a common emotion that people experience during a break up. You may find yourself thinking ‘What if I had of’ or ‘Should I have done this’; refrain from thinking thoughts such as these.

It takes two people to start a relationship and two people to end it, so both of you had an equal part to play. The breakup was actually a signal that the relationship was breaking down, and staying in it would not have been healthy for either of you. As you find ways how to deal with a break up, think of it as a blessing where your ex has given you the opportunity to find your true soul mate, instead of wasting your life with them.

Just when you have thought you have finished dealing with a break up, your ex may find a new lover. This may bring back all your feelings of anger and resentment towards them. So remember to let these feelings out but in a healthy manner.

Having feelings and being hurt is what makes us human. And everybody hurts at some stage in their lives, but it is how you deal with the hurt that matters. Embracing it and expressing our feelings will help us accept the break up and move on faster.

When learning how to deal with a break up, it is likely that you will have both good and bad days. Just take each day as it comes and give yourself the time and space to get to grips with the situation. Once you have accepted the feelings you are experiencing and started dealing with a break up, you will be able to move on enjoy your life again. So be strong! And stay positive!

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