How To Fight Anxiety Sweating And Take Control Of Your Life

Think about it. When was the last time you made it through a day without being anxious about something and suffered the unfortunate result of sweating profusely because you couldn’t control the way your body reacted to the stress. Even the cavemen had anxiety in their lives. The thought of a wooly mammoth bearing down on you as you raced for the security of the cave with nothing between you and him but a little stick pointed on one end is enough cause to make you sweat profusely. We’ve come a long way from the caveman days, but we still have plenty of situations that cause anxiety and the resultant sweating. The unannounced summons by your boss to the inner office (“Please close the door behind you.”), to the kids not being home when they were supposed to be, to your wedding day—all of these are stressors in our lives that can overwhelm rational thought processes and cause our bodies to react and sweat profusely.

So let’s examine some ways that you can get control over your life as it is today, and lessen the bouts of anxiety so in turn you can reduce the number of embarrassing times of profuse sweating that plague your day. One of the most effective ways of getting your life into a manageable pattern is to have a running schedule of some sort, so you know how your time is to be allotted during the weeks and what you have to get done in a timely way. That way, when something unexpected is suddenly thrown into the mix, you won’t collapse under the stress of it all and suddenly have an attack of anxiety sweating. And how about getting some exercise on that schedule too. There is nothing better for your peace of mind than to be fit physically and to feel good, not only about the way you look but actually feel good healthwise. Another good thing to try is biofeedback. This trains your mind and body to respond to commands you give it so if you are in the throes of a stressful set back, you can calm down, reduce your heart rate, and regulate your breathing by simply talking to yourself and bringing your stress level down so the sweating is not triggered.

The next step in trying to control anxiety sweating is to get your life in general under control. Don’t let your finances get out of whack to the point that you can’t bear to look at the desk with its mound of bills and dun letters and as a result your heart pounds and you chew your fingernails and you sweat. And your work schedule. Balance the hours needed to be spent at work with the hours needed to be spent at home. Life keeps on trucking and you will miss out on a lot as well as ruin a lot of clothes with unnecessary bouts of sweating because you let work control your total life and not just be a part of it. And have a schedule of what needs to be done when you are home. Don’t keep putting off jobs around the house; work at them on a regular basis and you will see how less stressed your life will be in a very short time.

Now we move to an area that can cause the most stresses in most folks’ lives: interpersonal relationships. How is your love life? Are you married, divorced, widowed, alone; what’s the story. How much of your waking time is spent worrying over your better half, or how to get out of an unhappy marriage, or how to plan the wedding day, or just not being popular on the dating scene. The more you let these factors control your thinking and your subsequent reactions to them, the more you will be susceptible to bouts of despair and the resulting anguish and anxiety that goes along with them. It’s time to take the bull by the horns if you are suffering in some kind of situation like any of these and take some action. Step back and look at the situation closely and evaluate what your options are and what you can do about them. Don’t think too much about it, you can overevaluate too; just stop waffling and become decisive and act. Remember we are trying to save your health here, and trying to stop all those bouts of anxiety sweating that have become regulars in your life.

Now we need to take into consideration just what is going on when your body reacts to stress and anxiety sweating in all its glory is the end result. We are still cavemen at heart. Genetically we have not progressed much from the days of outrunning the wooly mammoths and our bodies are designed to have just two choices on how to react to stress: stay and fight, or run like hell. We may have all the techno-stuff that our little hearts desire from cell phones to beds that react to us and cars that talk to us; but we still can’t manage the genetic programming that drives our inner core. When we are presented with a stressful situation, the body reacts by pumping out adrenaline from the adrenal glands so we can run like hell if we have to; but our more sophisticated brains say: “Wait a minute, this is not right, I’m going to do something about this and take care of the problem.” So we have an inner battle going on, and the body’s mechanisms are pumping out all kinds of chemicals that will help us either win the fight or make it over the next hill running our butts off. As a result, we sweat. The body is overheated with the fire of impending doom, and it is trying desperately to cool down and sweating is the means to that end. And because most profuse sweating of this sort is usually the result of some kind of stress in our lives that we can’t immediately squelch; then anxiety sweating is what rears its ugly head.

But, don’t despair. There are many ways to relieve yourself of stressful situations without making your body go through all that. Plan time to take a walk, and truly involve yourself in the walk. Listen to the sounds around you, look at the colors, smell the smells; let yourself bond once again with the most basic of needs we have as humans, to be one with Mother Nature. That old adage rings true when someone advises you to “stop and smell the roses”. Life is more than schedules and alarm clocks and deadlines; it is pulsing with excitement and fun and happiness. You just need to slow down and let it happen. Keep your life on as even a keel as you can muster in your own little corner of the world and you will find that the better you feel about yourself and your way of life, the less you will be subjected to bouts of anxiety sweating because you are in control.

The answer to all of this lies in the fact that if you want to have a more positive life in general, and enjoy the life you have, then you must have control of what it is that is going on for you on an every day basis. Examine what it is that is stressing you out, and with having a workable schedule , planned downtimes for battery recharging and regular physical exercise, you can face those stressors head on and reduce them markedly. The more you are in control of your mental and physical status, and the more stable your life at work and also at home is; the more you will find that your stress is diminishing and your anxiety level is dropping. There is no magic bullet here, just good planning and a desire to stay on the straight and narrow that will produce the stamina you need to face down the negativities in everyday life that trigger stress, and as a result, when you eliminate them you are also taking away from your life those embarrassing bouts of anxiety sweating that have plagued you for as long as you can remember.

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