How To Fight With The Pest

Pest control is a big problem for us. From noxious chemical clouds to defoliants to root out vermin, people have had a all or nothing mentality. It is us or them. But newer methods have appeared in recent years including electronic pest control that have brought the problem into a twenty-first century light.

To Spray or Not To Spray

Environmentally conscious consumers are now calling traditional methods of pest control into question and are bringing forth some creative and innovative solutions to the problem. Nowadays it is easier and safer to have adequate pest control. The problem is being attacked from many different fronts.


Some plants are being bred to be resistant to bugs and other pests. This is done by altering the genetic code of plants making them unpalatable to pests. This may prove to be very effective pest control, but the effects on humans remain under study and should be viewed with caution.


Old folk remedies using natural substances are being explored more fully. Scientists are looking at natural repellents of all kinds including the defenses the plants themselves use to achieve pest control. Also there is a great deal of work being done with pheromones that attract the bugs to traps and then don’t allow them to leave.

Spices such as red pepper and garlic are being used as natural pest controls. These substances have been used for centuries and are tried and true, not to mention safe for the environment.


Furthermore, newer electronic and sound models are being tried. These pest control systems offer ways to prevent infestation and combat present problems without harmful chemicals and messy sprays. These use electromagnetic fields and sound wave both ultrasonic and subsonic for pest control.

All of these methods offer some hope that pest control can be safe and effective. Perhaps one is not the most effective method, but used in combination they can eradicate pest problems. People with a pest control problem would do well to have a professional evaluate the problem and give them the best solution so that they can get it right the first time.

With technology comes change and variety. There are a lot of options these days for pest control. Consumers should be educated on the choices and then allowed to make informed choices regarding pest control. Only then can persons be at ease about their options and act accordingly. The environment should be all of our concern. Choose carefully how you go about pest control.

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