How To Find Farmville Neighbors Fast

Farmville is meant to be a social experience. You’re able to add your friends as neighbors in the game, which makes them able to help you out on your farm.

Although, it should be mentioned that some people like to play games by themselves. In many games, playing by yourself will allow you to enjoy all the game has to offer, but such is not the case with Farmville. If you’re into the solitary experience, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Yet maybe you are a community-oriented person. In this case, Farmville caters directly to you. Having neighbors in the game will not only create a more enriching playing experience, but it will give you the option to earn easy coins, as well.

Farmville allows you to visit your neighbors’ farms. When you do so, you can perform up to five actions once a day to help them out, including fertilizing their crops, plowing their fields, and harvesting their trees or animals. In other words, you could perform two harvests, plow two plots, and fertilize one plot, or you could fertilize four plots and plow one (or really any other combination).

Helping out is worthwhile, too — you’ll get 10 coins and one XP for every plot to which you apply fertilizer. This has the potential to earn you a lot of coins and XP! How does 2,500 coins and 250 XP sound? That’s what you’ll get if you take helping your neighbors to the max. In Farmville, it’s possible to apply fertilizer to five plots for one neighbor, and you can do the same thing for up to 50 neighbors. The math adds up.

So now you can probably see the benefits of having neighbors. But how do you get them? The first way to get neighbors is also the easiest way — just go to the “My Neighbors” tab when you’re playing the game. From this tab, you can see a list of all your Facebook friends that play Farmville, and there’s a button for each person that allows you to send them a neighbor request. Just press it! Chances are they’ll be happy to be your neighbor.

The next way to increase your neighbor count in the game is to visit the official Farmville forums. It contains a section called “Finding Neighbors” that’s meant for exactly what its name says. If you go there, you’ll see plenty of people hoping to get more neighbors. Add them as friends on Facebook and then as neighbors in the game, and you’ll quickly raise your neighbor count.

Facebook also has tons of groups dedicated to Farmville. You can find them using the search bar, and once you do, you’ll see that there are a lot of people here, too, that are hoping to get more neighbors. Once you become Facebook friends with them, you can send a Farmville neighbor request to them, as well. If you want to raise your neighbor count even more, join one or more of the Farmville Facebook groups, and leave a post that says “Add Me” on the wall. This will open the possibility of other people adding you on Facebook and then in Farmville.

The last way to acquire neighbors is to personally invite them. Select your friends on Facebook that you think might enjoy playing Farmville, and then send them a private message asking them to start playing the game and become your neighbor. This definitely isn’t the quickest way to acquire neighbors, but it’s possibly the most rewarding because doing it this way means you’ll know your neighbors personally.

You can try any of these methods or even all of them, and you should have plenty of neighbors pretty quickly. Once you do, you can start earning more coins and experience points by helping them out on their farms once a day each. And it’s worth it — you can earn up to 2,500 coins and 250 experience points!

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