How To Play Kings Cup

If you’ve ever been to a party, then you’ve probably played the Kings Cup drinking game. Otherwise, you may have played Circle of Death, which is the same game. Rules for this game vary from group to group, and hundreds of variations are available. Players will notice that the core principles remain the same, though. In each variation, you can’t lay without an empty cup, beer, playing cards face-down around the cup, and some friends. The game tends to run clockwise as each player draws a card. Drinking rules are associated with each card based upon number or face. When a given card is drawn, players have to follow the Kings drinking game rules. Here’s a guide to what each card means in basic Kings rules drinking games:

Two: Put the spotlight on another player and choose him or her to take a drink.

Ace: When an ace is drawn, a “waterfall” is prompted. All players drink. The player who drew the card must stop drinking for the person on his or her left to stop. The third person in line can not stop until the second person has stopped and so on until the last person is finally allowed to stop drinking.

Four: Share the beer with a four by downing two drinks and making someone else take two drinks.

Four In this case, a player downs two drinks and gives out two drinks to other players.

Four: Four drinks are to be consumed, two by the drawing player and two to be given out.

Seven: Throw your hands up and make sure everyone else does, too. The last person to follow through must drink.

Eight: Draw an eight and choose another player that must take a drink every time that you have to drink.

Seven: The drawing player must throw their hand up in the air or “point to Heaven.” The other players must follow suit and the last must take a drink.

10: Draw a 10 and create a new rule for the Kings drinking game. It can be anything, even an obscure rule, but everyone must follow the rule. After someone else draws a 10, a new rule can be created. The old rule can either be canceled or kept.

Ten “New Rule” A player creates their own rule for the game. Rules can range from absurd to fairly innocuous. Depending on the group of players, another 10 card will cancel out the original rule, or previous rules will remain in play.

Ten: The “New Rule” card. The drawing player quickly thinks of a new rule for the game, such as, “if someone says ‘drunk’, they have to drink.” Some Kings rules drinking games stack these new rules on top of each other whiles others say the old rules cancel out when a new rule is put into play.

King: Pull one of the first three Kings, and you’ll add some beer into the King’s Cup. However, drawing the final King results in that player drinking their entire beer and everything in the King’s Cup.

Ace: Here’s where the waterfall starts. Everyone starts drinking, and the player that drew the card can decide when to stop drinking first. At that point, the person on their left can stop when they please. This drinking train keeps going until the last person can stop drinking.

King: When the first three kinds are drawn, those players must pour a bit of their drink into the cup in the center of the ring of cards (the King’s Cup). When the last king is drawn, that person has to drink the entire contents of the King’s Cup.

I’ve found a lot of inspiration for cool drinking card games to play with your mates on this interesting platform: fun drinking card games and here you can find a list with my favorite drinking games without cards. Enjoy your buzz!. Also published at How To Play Kings Cup.