How to Raise Ducks Tips – 14 Questions To Guide You Decide Whether or not To Begin Keeping Ducks

There are many ways of raising ducks. The simplest method requires little capital input, where ducks are raised in the farmyard as part of a mixed farm. This is the so-called free range system. At the other extreme, large-scale, capital-intensive duck rearing can take place on a farm on which only ducks are raised inside a covered shelter or confined indoor system. Between these two extremes there are many different forms in which the ducks are offered an indoor shelter and a run in which they can go outside. In order to decide how to raise ducks, a farmer or extension worker needs to consider a number of points:

1) Are the ducks intended for your own use or do you also want to sell a duck product?

2) If you are considering keeping ducks in order to sell their products it is important to know whether there is a market for the eggs or meat.

3) Will duck rearing fit in with the rest of your daily activities? Do you have room for ducks?

4) Not only do you need room for shelter and a water supply for the ducks, but their daily care also takes time and may get in the way of other activities.

5) Where will you buy your ducklings in order to maintain a stock?

6) Will you breed yourself or will you buy ducklings when you need them?

7) If you plan on buying them, can you be certain that there will be a consistent supply in the future?

8) If a trader or breeder cannot guarantee that ducklings will be available in the future, you have to consider breeding ducks yourself.

9) Can you provide the time and care to do so?

10) What will you feed the ducks to make sure they stay healthy?

11) Where can you buy feed?

12) Do you have ample food available on your own farm or will you have to buy some types of feed?

13) Ducks are capable of scavenging for a large part of the food themselves, but it is often necessary to provide them extra in the dry season.

14) If ducks are free range they are more likely to suffer from a shortage of vitamins or minerals.

You should be knowledgeable about ducks’ nature, eating habits and other important facts if you intend to raise ducks. There are also a lot of tips that will tell you how to raise ducks. You need to learn how to make them happy. One example is that ducks are social birds and should not be raised alone. A lone duck may feel lonely and show awkward, shy behavior. Be sure to raise it with a partner. It may be wise to keep one male and several females.

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