How To Select The Best Flooring For Your House

A beautiful floor can add immense value to your home. With so many sources of inspiration, homeowners have a myriad of options when it comes to transforming the interiors. Wet areas require water-resistant materials, and if you make the wrong Ottawa flooring choices, you will have to spend more on repair and maintenance operations.

Nowadays, people prefer the open plan concept, where rooms connect visually with each other. With the introduction of low walls and arched doors, you can see the beautiful kitchen cabinets and granite tops from the den. Unfortunately, the noise from the kitchen can disturb other people in the den or living room. You can avoid such problems by analyzing the acoustic attributes of your floor. Since you will perform most activities while standing, avoid a hard material and choose a floor that is easy on your legs.

A wood floor has unique attributes that stand out. With its unmatched beauty and acoustic benefits, this material has become extremely popular in numerous remodeling projects. However, you should ask your dealer for a warranty against warping and termite attacks. Wood is ideal for the moisture-free areas such the dining room and lounge. Although wood is prone to scratch marks that can affect its visual appeal, a good sanding operation can restore its original beauty. Also, untreated wood is likely to warp after several years. Although every type of wood is unique, you can avoid such problems by installing these materials in the bedroom.

The versatility of ceramic tiles allows people to customize the colors and patterns to their tastes. While the material is quite easy to maintain, the surrounding the joints are difficult to clean with a wet mop. If you use vinegar and water, you can remove the stains quickly. Ceramic tiles can be quite slippery when wet. This material does not help with noise control in the kitchen and can be icy in winter. Terrazzo is ideal in the kitchen due to its diversity in terms of colors and textures.

Laminate floors have wood grains that look exceptionally beautiful. Since the laminates have unique tongue and groove joints, they are quite easy to install. These joints improve the durability by perking up resistance to water damage. As such, laminate floors are very durable and easy to maintain. While you can use the laminate as a substitute for wood, you will not enjoy the charm of natural wood. The installation of laminate floors is a daunting task that requires exceptional skills and experience.

Although the colorful vinyl tiles are relatively cheap, they are quite expensive to maintain. If you use a weak adhesive during installation, the edges will warp and disintegrate. A reputable contractor will recommend the best adhesives to prevent costly repairs in future.

If you are looking for a beautiful flooring material that is easy to maintain, the linoleum is the best option. Since there is an enormous demand for green products, linoleum floors have become immensely popular. Linoleum flooring has tree resins and wood by-products that are quite cheap.

While the exceptional beauty of contemporary finishes can transform the appearance of your Ottawa, ON home, you should not choose a material based on aesthetic value alone. Instead, you should ask your dealer about the durability and maintenance costs. With so many options at your disposal, the key is to go with a material that suits your budget.

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