How To Stay Motivated When Losing Arm Fat

So many women focus on finding the perfect arm workout, the perfect supplement or the perfect diet. And many times, said women actually burn out before even getting started because they are trying to find that perfect solution.

Unfortunately, perfection, by definition does not exist. And let’s suppose for a second that the perfect program did in fact exist. Do you have the willpower to stick with it week in and week out, month in and month out?

I would bet money that many women wouldn’t be able to. Why? Because staying motivated for long periods of time (sticking with it) is NOT easy. Especially, if you have no mental game plan in place.

What can you do? Well, there are many ways you can optimize your mental framework to ensure arm fat success. In this article, however, I am going to cover 4 quick tips to help you sustain motivation:

1. Always look at the reward of taking action, not the punishment of not taking action. In other words, tell yourself “I want to exercise today so that I can wear my sleeveless dress tomorrow.” Do NOT tell yourself “I must exercise today or I’ll be a slob.” The slight change in wording and visualization will make a huge difference in the long run.

2. Never internalize failures. Instead, look at the outside circumstances that led to said failure. Externalizing and objectifying the failure will preserve your self-worth and willpower. Too many women get emotional and blame themselves whenever something goes wrong with their arm fat mission, whether it be missing a workout or splurging on a pleasure food. Look at the factors that led to the misbehavior, and avoid them in the future.

3. Understand that action comes before motivation. There will be days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing. Losing that arm fat will seem like an insurmountable goal that’s impossible to achieve. On such days, start MOVING regardless. Once you begin going through the motions, the motivation will come back. I promise.

4. Never let criticism get you angry. There are extremely critical people in this world that have no issue with vocalizing their every thought. Do not let said critics destroy your flabby arm resolve. Instead, deconstruct the criticism and define every element in it. Once you define the elements, most criticisms are found to be baseless.

Nothing in life is both rapid and easy. The faster results come with more effort. In any case, most flabby arm failures are directly related to an inability for sustaining long term motivation. Anybody can start the arm fat race, but few can finish. So make sure you implement these effective strategies TODAY!

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