How To Survive Marietta Atlas Chalet Shingles Problems

The roof of your home provides protection against the weather while also helping to give your home kerb appeal. The Marietta Atlas Chalet Shingles seemed to meet this need, but widespread problems with this product are causing a lot of concern in the community. The rapid deterioration quickly makes your home look unsightly and also exposes it to inclement weather.

When it first became available this innovative shingle took the roofing market by storm. The 30-year warranty acting as a strong inducement for homeowners to choose this untried product and gave it a huge competitive edge. When the product started to deteriorate rapidly, the picture was not so rosy, with the manufacturer weaselling out of the guarantee on various trumped-up excuses.

If you have used this 3-D shingle on your roof, you should make sure there are no problems. With many insurance companies cancelling policies on homes with this type of roof, you will be forced to replace if you want insurance coverage on your home. Even if your roof seems fine now, the chances are good that it will soon deteriorate and start leaking.

One option is to claim against the warranty, but your chances of success following this route are slim. Besides, you still need to replace your roof even if it seems fine because it could start giving trouble and is virtually uninsurable. Joining the Class action suit seems to be the best way to go, especially if a warranty claim has been rejected for a spurious reason.

In the meantime, you still need to attend to your roof, particularly if it is not just unsightly but also leaks. Fortunately, there are some good roofers in Marietta who understand what is needed and will quote a reasonable price. At least you will know that the recommended roofing will be more reliable, although it might not come with such an extravagant warranty.

There is no point in letting these roofing troubles get to you. The class action is highly likely to succeed, so you can expect to receive some recompense for your unexpected outlay. In the meantime, you just need to make sure your home will be weatherproof and insurers will will see it as an acceptable risk.

if your home in Marietta has these Atlas Chalet Shingles, you need to act now. If you wait, you could face potentially face a problem trying to claim from insurance for storm damage. An experienced roofer can notify you of a hidden problem and provide a replacement quote you can live with.

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