How To Tune Your Windows Vista Operating System For Performance

If you have switched over from XP to Vista you surly will have known by now that Vista is much slower. This lack of speed has to do with Vista dedicating a lot of its resources to trying to “look pretty”. Making the operating system look nice is great and all but when it comes time to actually get some work done it can be a huge problem. In this article I am going to show you two quick ways to make your Vista perform a it faster but you are going to have to be willing to sacrifice some of Vistas looks in order to get more function. Keep in mind that there really is no point in having your computer look really nice since you are the only person that is really going to be seeing it.

If you are using the Home Premium, Enterprise, Business or Ultimate more likely than not you have the Aero effect turned on. This effect is designed to make your computers windows have a glass like effect that looks cool. It also allows you to have Windows Flip 3D which is just a fancy version of the Alt + Tab combination which allows you to cycle through your currently opened programs. If your not sure what the Flip 3D is, just open a few programs, hold down the Windows Button and press the Tab key a few times – that’s Windows Flip 3D. Now hold down the Alt key and press the Tab key a few times – that’s the old way of cycling through your programs. Here’s how to get rid of the Aero effect:

What your going to want to do now is to click Start, click on the Control Panel and then on the left hand side make sure that the Control Panel Home is selected. Now click on Appearance and Personalize, click on the Personalize link, click on the Windows Color and Appearance and at the bottom of the window select “Open classic appearance properties for more color options”. A new window should appear and in this window where it has the Color Scheme drop down box just select Windows Vista Basic. Now click Apply and then OK and this should turn off the Aero effect.

The second thing that you probably don’t need that Vista has to offer is the sidebar. Now, unless you actually use the gadgets on the sidebar regularly (the clock doesn’t count, there’s one in the bottom right hand corner of your screen that is perfectly good) then I suggest that you get rid of it. It really serves no function to the average user except to make your computers desktop look cool. Here’s how to do it:Right click on the windows sidebar icon in the System Tray and select properties (the system tray is that little group of icons in the bottom right hand corner next to the clock). In the Windows Sidebar Properties dialog box uncheck the box the “Start Sidebar when Windows Starts” and select Apply and then OK. Now just right click on the Windows Sidebar Icon in the system tray again and select Exit.

By doing both of these things you have now freed up your computer of some resources which will allow you to get more work done faster.

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