Ideas for Storing your External Hard Drive

Because external hard drives are used so extensively, it’s important for people to store them properly. There are some people whose device is always in use and some who rarely use it at all. In all cases, storing tips will come in handy and help preserve the life of your device.

There are many places that work well for storing a device like this. It all depends on what kind of storage your home has, what kind of desk you have, and how often you use the actual external hard drive. Some good storage places include a closet shelf, a large sturdy desk, a large drawer, or another type of sturdy shelf.

Those who find they use their hard drive a lot may find it easier to keep it by the computer all the time. As long as your computer is on a sturdy desk you should be fine keeping the device on that desk as well. If you aren’t using a desk you will need to find a good surface for that drive to set on that is free from potential dangers.

For those that go long periods of time without using their external hard drive, it’s best to find a temporary storage place for it. The closet makes a perfect spot as long as the device has it’s own place away from anything that might harm it. Just keep it organized and never stack things near or on top of the hard drive.

Shelves also make good storage spots as long as it is a good strong shelf. You also want to use a shelf that’s fairly high up or in a place that is safe. Place the drive upright and against the wall so it won’t fall off.

If you have file drawers or other drawers around your house, they can provide a shelter for the external drive as well. You don’t want to use a flimsy drawer that jerks when you open and close it. Do a quick assessment before making your final decision.

First, you will need to make sure it’s steady and smooth so your drive doesn’t get jostled around. You also want to clean it out really good so no dirt and dust gets inside the vent of the device. If your device gets dirty on the inside it can really mess things up.

Any one of these places would make for a good storage place. It may be hard to find the best spot but keeping your external hard drive protected is very important. The safer your hard drive is the longer it will last.

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