Imagine your iCal appointments scrolling across your Screen Saver

Macintosh iCal users know that screen savers have come a long way since the days when those kitschy winged toasters used to float around the screen when your computer was resting. But even most savvy Macintosh users don’t know that screensavers used to serve a technical function. Screen savers first came about in the days when computers had monochrome CRT monitors. They were designed to prevent phosphor burn-in, and those screensavers served their purpose well, flying toasters, swimming fish, tail-wagging puppies and all.

But in the years since the invention of the personal computer, Macintosh has changed the computer industry. All computers now have LCD computer monitors instead of CRT monitors. Screensavers because Phosphor burn-in isn’t a concern, so screensavers serve mostly an entertainment function. If your Macintosh is at the office, your screen saver can serve a privacy function, as well, keeping your screen from the eyes of coworkers.

But screen savers serve many functions. We can post photos and graphics on our screensavers that express our individuality. Macintosh iCal and Address Book users might want a screensaver that’s more functional. Now it’s easy to get one. A company named PocketMac has come up with an application called PocketMac iCalScreenSaver. It projects all of your important iCal appointments as your screen saver when your computer’s at rest. PocketMac screensaver posts your iCal calendar day by day, week by week, until your entire month’s schedule is cycled onscreen. You can also choose to display your Address Book contacts.

Also, you can have PocketMac iCalScreenSaver displayed in four individual color schemes: sunset, blue-grey, tangerine and green. And you get the option of choosing which calendars you want to display on your iCal screen saver. Your business appointments can show up onscreen at the office and your personal appointments can appear when you’re at home, if that’s what you want. You can also exclude personal appointments from your iCal screensaver.

It takes about five minutes to install PocketMac iCalScreenSaver on your Macintosh.

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