Information And Facts You Need To Understand For Leather

Here are six important types of cutting dies: Beverly Clicker Dies, Single Edge Dies, Double Edge Dies, Gang Dies, Precision Milled Dies, and Serrated Edge Dies.

Mainly the Beverly Clicker Die is used in leather garment industries and shoes. It is simply a clicker die constructed around a center plate, which acts at the same time as brace like reinforcement, creating a very sturdy and durable die.

Double edge dies are used in applications with an identical right and left section. The double edge die can be practiced to reduce die cost. Such applications would exist the shoe and glove trades.

Gang dies are standard clicker dies in multiple configurations intended for elevated volume or else multiple part situations. Rather than just die cut one at a time it would be productive to cut a two or three gang dies to do the cutting job efficiently. A good illustration of a gang die would represent a key fob in which you accept orders for more than 10,000 pieces.

Precision Milled Dies are a particularly precise die milled from over-the-top grade tool steel. The solid steel milled die is most beneficial to use in very close tolerance high production situations. Precision dies are more often used in extreme tight corners. And they are an exceptionally precise die milled from intense grade tool steel. This type of die may be high-priced as it needs a fair amount of time and skilled labor and very pricey machinery.

Latest applied technology in cutting dies features a serrated edge so as to allow the die to pierce multiple layers of provisions much easier than conventional edge cutting dies. These special edge dies also help eliminate fusing with many materials.

There are many uses for cutting dies. They are appropriate for plastic, leather, cutting paper, rubber, and more including label cutting dies, corner blades, envelope cutting dies, clicker dies, punch dies, gasket cutting dies, window dies, washer dies, high dies, threaded punch dies, trimming dies, strap dies, rotary panel cutters and more.

Leather expert and knowledgeable Ethan O. Tanner explains the different types of beverly clicker dies the process for leather finishes for your leather project.