Ingredients to Avoid With Sensitive Skin

The first thing to do when caring for sensitive skin is to cut out as many irritants as possible that your skins exposed to. Most skin care products contain a number of irritants. The only difference between sensitive skin care products and regular products is there are few irritants in the ones for sensitive skin.

It is not apparent why the cosmetic companies are still using irritants, toxins, and allergens in the products that they develop. Many natural and non-toxic ingredients that can be used are certainly good for the skin. An example is vitamin E which is a preservative that is effective and is much safer than the artificial preservatives that are usually used.

Another problem are the fragrances that are added to skin care products. There are hardly any skin care products that are formulated for sensitive skin that don’t include these irritating fragrances. Even natural fragrances can be a problem if they are highly concentrated. Some of the best sensitive skin care products are made with plant extracts or botanicals and they have a faint fragrance that won’t irritate the skin.

An additive that is generally used in sensitive skin products is petrolatum because it is thought to be a neutral substance. Several prominent dermatologists suggest that this will remove the natural oils from the skin and lead to extra dryness. At first, it will make the skin feel greasy and it will congest the pores. This is not good for people that are prone to oily skin or acne. Certainly, petrolatum is not good for anyone because it can quicken the signs of aging.

Another problem is petroleum based alcohols. If you require sensitive skin care products you should look for solutions that are made using plant and vegetable based alcohols. Now we can take a look at some ingredients that are non-irritating for you skin.

When moisturizing during the day, grape seed oil is very good for the skin. It contains a natural antioxidant that is actively absorbed fast by the skins cells to make an unseen barrier that will keep in moisture. This barrier will keep out any dirt and makeup, which will clog pores.

Grape seed oil is very beneficial for use in sensitive skin products that are designed to repair damage around your eyes, whether it was caused by overexposure to the sun, smoking or time. Ordinary grape seed is available for purchase at most gourmet food stores and is can be found in the better best facial creams and body lotions.

It can be hard to find sensitive skin care treatments that can smooth out wrinkles and make skin firmer. There are small amounts of creams available that both work well, and are safe to use. You should go with products that have amino acids, antioxidants, and wakame. Such ingredients will aid in the production of new skin cells and fibers, stop and repair skin damage caused by free radicals, and stop the loss of hyaluronic acid.

While you are searching for sensitive skin care stuff, you may want to buy some nutritional supplements. Often, skin problems are a sign of a minor nutritional deficiency. It is hard to get total nutrition from diet alone. The skins cells must have nutrients just like other cells in the body, however if you are not getting enough vital organs will be bothered first. Using good sensitive skin care products is important to maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

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