Interior Design Tips For A Sensual Bedroom

A bedroom isn’t merely for sleeping. It’s your very own private refuge where you can dream your future, craft your desires, and recognise your potentials. And if you know how to design your room fittingly, it’s also where you can keep your romance alive. Your bedroom may be too comfortable that you can only think of sleep every time you’re in or it may be too confined to you don’t want to spend a lot of time there yourself. Give the interior design of your unit a sensual feel if you wish to tempt romance in.

Converting your practical-looking space into a romantic bedroom would need many changes. First, be ready to change its colour. The most popular choice for a sensual interior design is deep red because it arouses passion. Other ideal wall colours are wine, rich brown, burgundy, fuchsia, and other warm colours that can serve as aphrodisiac. You can go for neutral or light if you feel red or any of its tones is too much as wall colour then just incorporate red in other objects, like the colour of the curtains or bed sheets.

That said, avoid overdoing red. Extreme red can be sickening, making you feel restless all the time. And as it is your bedroom, you’re also expected to sleep in it so it must also have a comforting feel. To avoid too much red, add other hues that go well with your design and contrast the colours of your wall and floor.

Delight the senses with fluffy surfaces because a sensual bedroom is all about tactile sensation. Soften your floor with lush rugs if it is made from cold and hard material like marble and lumber. Soft carpets that cover the entire floor are ideal. Also essential for a sensual mood is muted lighting. for maximum effect, set up lights with adjustable dimmers. As for decorations, add elaborate stuff and abstract paintings. But remember, if you like to create a romantic bedroom, avoid hanging family photos.

The focal point of your bedroom must be your bed. Use a canopy bed with sheer fabrics as drapes for a dramatic design. If you don’t like a canopy bed, make your bed inviting with soft and fuzzy pillows and silk bed sheets and pillow cases.

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