James Malinchak’s Make A Business That Supports Your Lifestyle

Money freedom gives you time freedom. Time freedom gives you relationship freedom. Consider that. Consider that for a second, freedom to do anything you want. It’s not about money and it is not about “Hey, look, I drive this car or I wear this watch,” whatever. It is not what it is.

Look, let me tell you something. My sister died of a brain tumor, and I realized something extremely, truly significant when she died. I do not care what type of house you have, what type of car — all that stuff is fun, and they’re like little fun things. I promise you if you have a $100 million, and I have only 10 bucks, when we die, it all stays on this earth. It’s not about that stuff. It is about what the money will afford you to do, to give back to charities, to help, to have financial freedom, to pay off your bills. It is in reality about peace of mind.

Do you see why we are starting with this whole foundation? Because if you get this and you shift your thinking because of how we’ve been programmed for so long, and you actually get it then do you know what? “Hey, man, it is okay. I’m not a bad person.” If I had made some money doing what I love to do, then all this other stuff just falls in line that we are going to talk about in this article. However, until you get your mind right, none of this stuff is going to make a nickel’s worth of difference.

The secret is to create a business that supports your lifestyle. Everyone else does it backwards, a lifestyle that supports the business. No, work out how you want your life to look, the good, the bad, and the ugly, if you will, all of it. How do you want to spend your time — if you don’t want to work on weekends, there is a speaker out there, a great speaker, Keith Harrell. He’s been around forever.

Keith said, “I am not going to speak on,” I think “Saturday’s and Sundays anymore,” and all the people, the bureaus and the agents out there say, “You are crazy.” Of most of the convention work for motivational paid speaking, the majority of your work is on the weekend. He said, “Well, church is particularly valuable to me, and I don’t want to miss church and I think I’ll be okay.” What did he do? He’s creating his incredible speaking career, and he’s a fantastic speaker. He’s about 25,000 bucks a speech by the way.

Ed Rush is a speaker, but he will not be here on Sunday because of his spiritual beliefs because that is the way he created his life. He created his life around his family and his beliefs, yet he is truly successful. He is doing great. You want to create everything to fit your lifestyle. So I have said when I build my house I want to do cool things because I’m like a big kid. So I built this “ginormous” (is that a word?) pool with the sun setting right over it. I have a basketball court. I’ll show you a video of it later. Wait to you all to see the video from December with the team — the team. We even got a basketball court in my yard because I love basketball.

I even put in golfing and horseshoes. Why? It is fun to use my little putt-putt thing, and that is the way I wanted my life. I said, “If I’m going to do a coaching program and have people spend time with me, I want us to have some fun.” So if, we want to go outside, we’ll go outside. If we do not, we do not. We’ll stay in the office.

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