Kansas City Landscaping- Full-Spectrum Turf Care Practices And Strategies

You don’t need to pay a professional for a high quality yard servicing. Yet the normal watering and mowing routine is not enough for an immaculate yard. In this article we will cover fundamental methods that many professional Kansas City landscapers implement.

You must understand what the plant’s need as a first step in cultivating the yard. Properly caring for each part of the lawn- root and leaf- will produce a flourishing and luxurious lawn. Simply being aware of the lawn’s needs will not fix anything, however. It remains for you to meet them.

The first step that Kansas City landscapers take for any new yard or bare area is to prepare the soil. The correct ratios of clay, sand, and organic matter will provide a loamy composition. Too much clay in your soil will choke and stress roots while too much sand will result in dry soil or over-compressed clay soil.

The next step in soil-preparation is the acidity of the soil. Any Kansas City landscaping store will have a test-kit for pH. You can then use organic materials like lime or peat moss to raise or lower the pH. Kansas City lawns are commonly too acidic (low pH) and need to be brought to near neutral. Kansas City landscaping suppliers will have the price on materials and advice.

Because of the heavy precipitation, erosion and standing pools of water can be a problem in the Kansas City region. This can be deadly to areas of your lawn if not dealt with properly. Grass in standing water will be stressed and prone to fungus. Erosion will remove pivotal protection from roots and wash away nutrients. Innovative landscape designs should be a last result in fixing these issues. First, re-grade the areas that are low, steep, or channeling water improperly..

Depending upon your budget, circumstances, and resources you will have to use either sod or seed or both to plant the grass itself. If you need to mix varieties of grass or simply fix a few patches, seed is your best bet. If you want an instant lawn, sod can’t be beat.

Strategically using a variety of grasses together will confirm which one will grow efficiently in your particular situation. This can be particularly helpful if more than one condition is present- like when one area of the yard is heavily shaded and another receives full sun. This is a common practice used by professional landscapers in Kansas City to provide a healthy shield against varied conditions and knock out competing plants. If additional landscaping or advice is needed you should contact a professional.

Watering too often or not often enough can be detrimental. Kansas City landscapers know it is an art that should be given attention. Thatch and fungus are a result of over watering, yet over-drying will kill the roots or burn the leaves. If the soil is correctly conditioned-draining properly but retaining moisture- 2 inches of water once a week is usually sufficient.

Thatch cannot be ignored for years or it will become a major factor in stress and disease. This layer of dead grass lying on top of the ground will choke the grass, not to mention become a breeding ground for disease. But, some thatch generally is a good thing. A bit of it covering the surface of the soil will result in better nutrition and water-retention. But if the cycle of decomposition is not fast enough, it must be treated.

De-thatching is therefore a required part of regular lawn-care. Kansas City landscapers would simply burn the dead grass in the winter months but this is no longer legal so they power-rake it into piles instead. The goal is to draw much of the thatch out of the yard and remove it. Once removed, the thatch can be easily composted (if it’s not contaminated with fungus or insects) or simply thrown away.

Rain, snow, frost and foot-traffic is going to inevitably compact the dirt in your yard. Consequently the grass roots will not be able to diffuse oxygen and carbon dioxide correctly; a key obstruction in raising a proper lawn.

To deal with the compacted soil Kansas City landscapers aerate the lawn. An aerator creates a group of holes that lessen this compression and simulate the normal foraging and breaking up of soil found in nature. This allows the soil to exchange gases and water more freely.

At the conclusion of Winter or very beginning of Spring Kansas City landscapers employ an enzyme-inhibitor called “pre-emergent”. Before weed-seeds activate, this chemical stops the activation process. This will give the grass a distinct edge over competing plants that will steal nutrients, water, and sunshine.

You have to feed the grass and not just water it and cut it. Erosion, wind, the sun, and bagging grass while mowing all remove nitrogen and other nutrients from the soil over time. These nutrients must be replaced if the yard is going to be healthy and strong. Expert Kansas City landscapers recommend two or three feedings every year to replace the leeched nutrients. Compost and manure are great options for replenishing the soil.

The grass should not be too long when it is fertilized or the fertilizer will not be spread correctly. Yet, if the grass has just been cut the fertilizer can do some major harm to the already stressed plants. It is beneficial to point out that many Kansas City landscapers advocate the higher settings on the mower because of this and the problems grass experiences when it is cut too close to the ground.

Kansas City landscapers always apply a fungicide at least once per year so that the infection of fungus, which can destroy entire yards, is stopped before it starts. Lawns that are overly shaded or constantly wet are more liable to this threat. Kansas City landscaping is primarily at risk of this in Spring and Summer when people are watering their lawns and it is raining.

Wise Kansas City landscapers will always strive for a healthy lawn in the good times before the bad times come. There is no better strategy than simply keeping the lawn as healthy as possible. Kansas City landscapers know that you need to take advantage of the good times and work hard. Trying to fix issues after they happen is simply foolish.

Every Kansas City landscaper knows that being diligent and proactive is not easy but it is worth it. It will give your family a fun place to play and relax while giving you time to unwind and work on a project. So get out there and enjoy yourself!

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