Know The Various Types Of Roof Shingles Used By An Orlando Roofer

There are different types of roof shingles used by an Orlando Roofer such as Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc. that are available today. This type of covering for one’s gable is overlapped tiles which are laid from the bottom edge. At the top of the slope, the slats are covered with a ridge which was traditionally made from lead or copper.

Before choosing to buy any kind of tiles, one should obtain the opinion of a professional. Once he has evaluated the slope of the rooftop, he will be able to recommend which type of tile one could purchase. The next thing that should be taken into account would be the building codes.

The professional would need to know the building codes and regulations for rooftops in the area that he is working in. He cannot install colorful asphalt tiles if the regulations don’t allow for that. In the State of Florida, which is a coastal region, he could consider tiles that would last in the environment of the region. Metal, concrete, clay or slate are all choices available, but will depend on how much the home owner is willing to spend in purchasing and installation costs. It would also depend on the pitch or the angle of the rooftop.

Architectural tiles are similar to Asphalt, but thicker and substantial. They can be made to resemble other materials such as slate or wood shakes which are quite attractive. These are a little more expensive and one should inquire about the laminate that is part of the package.

Clay tiles have been around since 3000 BCE, mostly in the Middle Eastern and Asian countries that are subject to various kinds of damaging elements. These tiles are mostly impervious to any kind bad weather. They can withstand earthquakes and sandstorms. Although they are a weighty material, they are still popular today.

There are various types that offer many kinds of benefits. One can obtain architectural tiles which are made from asphalt or bitumen. They are expensive, but they are also long lasting and effective. Wooden tiles that are treated and smoothed are popular, but they can be expensive as well due to the materials and installation. The wood has natural properties that provide water and rain resistance.

Slate is a natural product and comes in a wide variety of shades and colors. If the slate is properly installed and maintained regularly, it can last indefinitely. The disadvantage of using slate is that it is extremely heavy. The house and the foundations need to be structurally sound enough to bear the weight of the tiles, so it’s essential to ensure this before purchasing.

Clay can be very heavy and expensive so the alternative is to use molded concrete tiles. They are a cheaper option and they are lighter than clay. Slate has also been a popular choice, but it can easily shatter, it’s very heavy and difficult to install. Before making the decision about which material to purchase, it is best to get a professional opinion from Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc. on the types of roof shingles used by an Orlando Roofer before making a purchase.

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