Knoxville Chiropractic Care Helps Back Pain Safely

When you are in pain, it makes all of life’s problems more intense and more difficult to deal with. Back problems may be preventing you from enjoying simple things in life and you may not be able to sleep. With the help of a Knoxville chiropractor, back pain relief may be easier than you think.

Maybe you have to take pain medication every day because of your back. This can lead to a host of health concerns. For example, most pain drugs can irritate the stomach if you take them all the time and after a while, you may need medications for stomach problems. In addition, your body may eventually build up a tolerance and the drugs will no longer work.

Severe back pain can sometimes be alleviated with cortisone injections (epidural steroids). This helps to reduce inflammation that contributes to a painful back. There is a risk of infection and if the injection is not administered properly it can result in nerve damage. Also, some people experience side effects like headaches and increased pain.

When pain is chronic, many people turn to surgery. However, chiropractic philosophy teaches that surgery should only be used as a last resort. Many complications can arise from surgery including problems with anesthesia. There is also the risk of paralysis in some cases.

Your Knoxville chiropractic doctor provides only natural care and therapy. Pain medications, surgical procedures, or injections are not part of your care. You receive a complete examination and the benefits of proven pain relief therapy.

If you are interested in natural pain relief your chiropractic professional is there to help. Call the office and you can talk to someone to set up an appointment for a consultation. Bring medical details with you, as you will be asked to supply information for new patients. This might take several minutes, so plan to arrive a bit early.

Chiropractic care helps relieve back, shoulder and arm pain safely and effectively. Get more information about an experienced Knoxville chiropractor at now.