Ladybug Party Favors Will Ensure Your Guests Remember This Sweet Party

Party favors are small gifts given to guests who attend celebrations like a wedding, birthday party or a baby shower. They are handed out as a way to express gratitude for attending the party. The ladybug theme is highly popular for bridal showers and birthday parties. Ladybug party favors are most loved by little boys and girls at kids birthday parties.

The types of party favors given out change with the various celebrations observed. The hosts of a party can either choose to buy party favors or hand craft them. Kids birthday party favors do not need to be expensive. Ladybugs are multihued oval shaped winged insects that are idolized by kids. They are called as ladybirds or ladybeetles too.

The ladybug is considered good luck in many cultures. They are believed to be a symbol of good weather, superior harvest and prosperity. Its many representations are said to bring about special benefits to people. It is also said to denote faith, joy and desire.

Ladybugs are loved by farmers and gardeners as they help control pests. They are beetles that feed on pests like aphids which often destroy crops. It is said that European Farmers in the middle ages prayed to the Virgin Mary to protect their harvests. Little red beetles with black spots are supposed to have appeared and protected the crops.

The small red beetles were hence called as “beetles of our lady” and finally as “ladybug”. Distinctive party favors work as a special token of the occasion for the guest. Visitors to a party often bring along gifts that the host of a party can use for the social event. For celebrations you can shuffle and choose the many ladybug birthday party favors available to craft unique gifts.

You can gift good luck to the guests at a celebration with ladybug birthday party favors. The sticker sheets can be used to create amazing party themes. The Stickers when given away as special prizes with games are cherished by kids. You can create excellent party invitations and gift packages with the sticker sheets.

The party space can be decorated with red and black balloons. The party table cloth can be covered with red cloth and black paper spots. Favor boxes for a party can be filled with fun items like sticker sheets and handcrafted objects. The empty party favor boxes can be filled up with black and red jelly beans. There are many ladybug party supplies available to help you decorate.

You can use the empty brightly colored favor boxes available to give away personalized gifts. The ladybugs Oh So Sweet Empty Favor Boxes can help create personalized combination of favors that are splendid for special occasions. Four empty boxes that measure 6″W x 4″H x 3″D are available with the empty favor box package. The empty favor boxes allow you to exercise the freedom to choose the unique combination of favor gifts that you would like to present.

You as the host of a party can gift prefilled party favor boxes to guests to express affection. Stylish favors like a notepad, blowout and sticker sheet are available with the Ladybugs: Oh So Sweet Party Favor Box. In addition it also holds a posh 4.75″ ladybug with a brush set, box of four crayons and a pink heart mirror. The prefilled party favor boxes take away the anxiety experienced with coordinating a party.

Ladybug party favors are a wonderful way to present luck and affection to children at a party. The dotted favor box can captivate the interest of the guests. It includes a notepad, ring and a sticker sheet. A 5″ ladybug bean bag and a blowout are also included to be used as gifts.

Kids birthday party favors are a sweet way to thank your children’s young guests for attending his or her birthday party celebration. Ladybug Party Favors given at the end of a party, will ensure all the kids remember this sweet party.