Landscaping For Privacy: Protect Your Hot Tub From Prying Eyes

There are a number of hot tub privacy designs that can go a long way to ensuring that your luxurious new home feature doesnt turn into a source of nervous tension or embarrassment – after all parading nude in front of the neighbors wasnt part of your original hot tub fantasy, right?

Now, the most effective hot tub privacy design is a little more extreme than most people would find attractive – installing your hot tub in a wooden structure, say ten by ten feet, where you can steam, soak and take in the garden view through the tinted windows of your solitary haven. You could even convert one of the rooms in your house into a sauna room – but of course, for the average proclivity, the best part of a hot tub is the outdoor element to the experience.

So, on the other side of the coin, you have hot tub privacy designs that rely on nothing more than a little intelligent landscaping. Espalier trees are one great solution – these are trees specially trained so that their branches grown out to the sides, forming a barrier of branches that will block prying eyes and look stunning at once. They also take up very little space. The same can be said for bamboo, which are low hassle, quick growing and provide a kinky jungle atmosphere. These also act as a great windbreak. If youre looking for something more lush, go with evergreen trees like holly – deciduous or needle-bearing trees are best avoided as the mess they make and insects they attract will often be more hassle than theyre worth.

While inground hot tubs or hot tubs built into your deck are lovely, theres something very distinctive about the Asian backyard hot tub – designed of cured wood, their elegant lines make them a feature of their own, while theyll also be easier to service and maintain if something breaks down in the pump room.

If youre more worried about your kids tripping and falling into the hot tub, youll probably want to go with less attractive options like high steel fencing or walls – anything to keep the endlessly resourceful kids out of the danger zone. However, dont allow your security feature to turn your recreational area into a bleak place – you can double the effect of your security feature by spacing potted plants along the walls and growing their branches to interlace with one another.

A far more spectacular solution with the same benefits to a wall or fence is a hot tub privacy design dating from before the French Revolution. It involves building a pergola around the hot tub. A pergola is basically a corridor of trellis walls leading to a dome that covers the pool – once covered with creepers, this design results in a leafy igloo that traps rising moisture for an even steamier experience. It also protects from rain and wind. Take heed, however, that as spectacular as this design is, it will need frequent maintenance to keep is clear of spiders, snails and other creatures attracted to moisture-rich environments.

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