Laser Hair Removal Pros & Cons

Laser Hair Removal is a cosmetic intervention by which is removed the undesired hair from the body. The laser rays go through the skin, reaching the pilose folliculitis; thus, the hair growth becomes slower and hair regeneration stops. The hair root is destroyed by the termic reaction, as the hair removal is a permanent process. Hair removal surgery is applied successfully to almost all skin areas (chin, cheeks, and the upper part of the lips, posterior thorax, legs, fingers or feet).

Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you will need detailed medical tests, which are usually made by doctors. The tests results will indicate what type of laser rays should be used. For people with very sensitive skin, side effects may consist in a small reddening of the treated skin area, being something similar to sunburn. That’s why the hair must be removed carefully by the doctor, considering the safety standards regarding laser hair removal. It is important to choose a clinic that uses authorized laser devices.

Let’s not forget that laser hair removal in men as in women benefit from the same treatment, but technical specifications can be different. People’s gender doesn’t influence the hair removal surgery, having no side effects.

Skin color plays a major role in laser hair removal. Dark skin benefits the less from hair removal surgery, as the laser has no effect. Moreover, the procedure can result in skin depigmentation. The doctor must indicate the right treatment, making appropriated specifications.

If you are suntanned, avoid using the laser until the tan disappears. The tan increases the risk of complications, so the doctor may postpone the procedure. People with dark skin are more exposed to risks.

Don’t forget that only a specialist can guarantee a safe and efficient intervention. As a result, the hair will have a lighter color, being thinner than before the laser hair removal, in case it continues to grow. The best results are achieved by people with light colored skin and dark hair

Hair Removal Solutions. The technology has evolved, offering a large variety of permanent hair removal solutions, from simple lotions to laser hair removal and electrolysis. The most advanced laser device works with IPL (Intense Pulse Light), which is a fast and traceless procedure. IPL is also used by doctors for other dermatological problems.

Laser Hair Removal side effects. The procedure has only minor side effects, including slight pain during the laser intervention, skin redness and photosensitivity. These issues last only for a few days, being treated with special lotions prescribed by the doctor. Rare side effects consist in the appearance of bubbles filled with liquid, brownish spots, local exfoliation and skin depigmentation. Laser hair removal can’t lead to skin cancer.

People who recent have scars, immune system diseases, mental diseases, pregnancy, white hair and ovarian cyst or tumors shouldn’t choose laser hair removal, in order to avoid any possible complications.

Laser Hair Removal results. The procedure proved to be effective after three or four sessions. Usually, the pilosity is reduced in 6 to 8 weeks of treatment. Visible effects can be noticed after two cycles of hair growth (each hair growth cycle lasts for 6 months).

One more issue may be the expense of getting it done. Threading Remove Hair Some permanent pigmentation damage can occur to the skin. If the area has relatively dense hair growth then the laser hair removal may not last more than a few weeks.