Learn How Compounding Medicine Works

Due to the fact that there are several different types of medicine, you may wish to know how compounding medicine works. If you want to understand the relationship between the two, then you are reading the right information. Keep reading to see how compounding pharmacy and BHRT work together to create beneficial medicine.

The first key to understanding how compounding medicine works, we will first take a look at what a compounding pharmacy is. Pharmacists, physicians, and vets mix together medications depending on the needs of the patient. This is all done in the name of modern medicine and consists of turning a pill form into a liquid form in order to avoid allergies. Also, flavors can be added in order to make the medications in question taste better.

For the longest time only pharmacists had the ability to compound medicines. Now compound pharmacies are known for being able to convert powder medicines into a gel pill form for easier consumption. They can also be mixed to allow for the proper does to be taken. As a result, people depend on compound pharmacies today for successfully mixing the proper and best dose available to patients.

This is also true for pets and other animals. Doses of medication are given based on the weight of the patient. Other more general medications such as Tylenol can be given in a one size fits all type of dose. However, larger people, such as adults, may need to take an extra dose in order for the medicine to be successful. For example, someone weighing 120 pounds may need a lesser dose than that of a person weighing 175 pounds.

Next, we are going to take a look at the relationship between BHRT, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, and compounding pharmacies. BHRT or bio identical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones that are necessary for successfully helping ease the symptoms of menopause. In order to target the level of hormones, doctors do blood and saliva testing on their patient.

Estrone, estradiol and progesterone are the hormones used in hormone replacement therapy. Estrone is produced from the gonads and from the ovaries of premenopausal women in order to benefit menopausal women. Estradiol is a sex hormone that is produced from testosterone and helps with reproduction. Lastly, progesterone comes from those women who have gone through menopause however they have not had a hysterectomy.

The main goal of bio identical hormone replacement therapy is to assist in treating the symptoms that women may experience with menopause, perimenopause and post menopause. Now the hormones are bought at a compounding pharmacy. At the pharmacy they are able to mix the medicine together based on the needs of the woman in question. A doctor who has done testing for the patient finds the right dose.

As you can see, a compound pharmacy plays a large role in bio identical hormone replacement therapy. It is always interesting to see the different ways things work together.

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