LEGO Sets For The Clone Wars Movie

Since the end of the millenium, The LEGO Group has been grinding out Star Wars LEGO systems and keeping fans interested and excited about the theme. Star Wars LEGO sets have been created with the intent building fans for the Star Wars franshise and LEGO systems. The LEGO Group never created LEGO systems around other licensed goods before they signed on with LucasFilms but because of the popularity of the Star Wars theme LEGO has built on this popularity by putting out even more licensed building blocks like Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Spider Man.

The Release of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie meant to many LEGO fans that LEGO would be selling a new Star Wars LEGO theme. The Clone Wars LEGO sets have not been a dissapointment to fans of either the Star Wars franchise, nor LEGO fans. This new theme has been built with the Clone Wars film in mind and has really done this movie justice.

The Clone Wars LEGO Sets have taken off very well and are enjoying at least as much success as the Star Wars LEGO sets before them. Many assumed the LEGO Group would have a difficult time creating new LEGO sets with the movie because there were not a lot of new ships and vehicles in the cartoon but this has not proven true. The LEGO Group has been able to take ships and mini figures that they already put out in LEGO sets and create an entirely new spin on things by changing the feel of the sets.

A personal favorite Clone Wars LEGO set of mine is the MagnaGuard Starfighter LEGO Set. This set is not the most complicated or detailed Clone Wars LEGO set by far but the included MagnaGaurd droid mini figures are a very cool addition to my collection. Along with the mini figures the Starfighter is a very fun build itself. It is chalk full of weapons and the Starfighter also has a cool space in the wings for each of the MagnaGuard droids’ weapons! There is also a gun that flips up in the back of the Starfighter.

The LEGO Group always does great work at building and keeping interest in its LEGO themes and the Clone Wars theme is no exception. LEGO will also release more Clone Wars themed LEGO sets as long as they continue to remain popular. This should continue to feed demand for these LEGO Sets. It is a good idea for collectors to jump on the bandwagon early becasue the LEGO Group is known for putting out LEGO sets for a certain amount of time and then discontinuing a set, thus creating a rare item.

Peter owns over a hundred LEGO Minifigures and is a big fan of the new LEGO Clone Wars sets being released.