Live Bands Can Get The Party Started

Walking down the streets of most big cities, you can see them. On every telephone pole and every bulletin board there are flyers advertising performances by live bands. The names change from town to town, but the message is the same: these are your sources for homegrown musical entertainment. These are the places you turn when you want to feel the real music from the place where you live.

Local nightclubs and homegrown acts are the most common sources of these printed advertisements. During the week, a typical set may feature a bunch of small bands playing their own songs in a nearby dive bar. At the end of the week, there will be fewer bands at one location, but the performers will have greater name recognition. Whether a small band or a big name, however, all of these musicians create experiences that cannot be replicated. Each performance is unique.

Of course, when bands perform at bars and clubs, the show is usually different than when they perform for a party or a hosted event. When performing at a nightclub, the connection between the band and the audience is more fragile and tenuous. The band does not know who will show up or how the crowd will like their sound. At parties and hosted events, however, because the band has been contacted and negotiated with ahead of time this is not usually the case. At hosted events, the bands and the crowds tend to be more relaxed.

Live musicians also provide an experience that is fundamentally different than the one you can get from a DJ. With the right songs, a DJ can get the party guests dancing, but DJs do not give the guests the anything interesting to look at. With a DJ, dancers can sometimes feel insecure if they are the only ones on the floor. With a band, however, the performers give everyone a new focus of attention. People in the audience can feel looser and freer, because they know that everyone is not looking at just them, but at the performers on the stage.

Local musicians are also better examples of what is actually occurring creatively in the cities where they play. With DJs, the experience is largely a national one. They play the latest pop songs that are hits across the country. The DJ experience is less unique than actual musicians because the songs are usually ones produced by people outside of the local scene. With local musicians on the other hand, they usually write their songs based on things happening around them. Local musicians are more familiar with the tastes and interests of the people they perform for.

Local bands can usually cover a fairly wide spectrum of music. If you want rock and roll covers, there are bands for that. If you want Rhythm and Blues, there are bands to fit your needs. If you want country and western, you can find that too.

The best thing about actual performers however, is that they bring out an essential human experience that originated with our earliest ancestors. Singing, dancing, and making music together are primal activities deeply embedded in all of us. Good performers help us to express those essential human characteristics.

In short, live bands can bring unique qualities to any party. They can make any event memorable.

David Livermore is one of the founding members of Soul Desire and is a specialist writer for the site. Having a Live Bands For Hire will ensure the success of your event. Find out more about hiring a professional Live Band Hire from this site.