Losing Weight Using HCG

The body naturally produces a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Medically speaking, it has many functions for treating various conditions.

This hormone is created during a woman’s pregnancy. During the pregnancy, the levels of the HCG double every two days. The hormone’s main purpose is to mobilize fat and use it for energy for both mother and fetus. This automatic reaction gives the body energy immediately.

All women experience very high levels of HCG during their nine months of pregnancy with no adverse effects. When using the small amount that is used during the HCG diet, there is absolutely no side effects.

In order to mobilize the fat in the body for utilization by the body, HCG will need to be used along with a low calorie diet. This will cause the body to trigger the stored fat for utilization by the body for energy. This is only possible by a significant decrease in calories and fat.

So, can you lose weight by simply using a very low calorie diet? the answer is yes, but also keep in mind that the body stores fat during times of deprivation. This causes cellular metabolism to slow down, creating a decrease in bone density and muscle mass. So in reality you would be harming bone structure and muscle mass, leaving it much easier to gain weight back faster.

Extra fat is mobilized for energy by using the HCG, while the rest is eliminated. This low calorie diet is vital in not allowing the emptied fat cells to refill. So you are getting rid of the excess fat and not affecting your bone and muscle.

HCG is often referred to as “The Weight Loss Cure”. The reasoning behind this is that it will reprogram your body to to use stored fat for energy during periods of time where calories are reduced. Therefore you will maintain the weight that you are at and not regain lost pounds.

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