Louisville Alarm Systems Company Offers Tips To Make Home More Secure

If you are like most people, you want to be able to return home to the safety and security offered by your home every night. Unfortunately for many, the felt sense of security is false. Every night thousands of intruders break and enter homes. A Louisville Alarm systems contractor offers these tips to ensure your safety.

Install upgraded locksets including deadbolts. Well built and designed locksets make the entrance to a home more appealing. Every outside door should be equipped with a deadbolt. Proper installation can make it much more difficult for uninvited intruders to enter the living space.

Install a peephole that allows you to see who is knocking before the door is opened. Security cameras can also be used for this purpose and may give you a better idea of who is at the door. If you do not recognize the individual knocking, remember you should not open the locks.

If the home has a sliding glass patio door, upgrade the lock on this door. In addition, add a dowel rod in the track behind the door to block its opening. Adjust the track clearance so the would be intruder is unable to lift it from the door frame to gain access to the house.

Consider upgrading exterior lighting. Low voltage sets are easily installed and require very little energy to eliminate shadows. While solar lights are even easier to install, they may not receive a full charge on overcast days causing them to discharge quickly. Sets with photocells only provide lighting when needed.

Contact a Louisville alarm systems contractor to have alarms installed in the home. These units can be set to alert the occupants of the home as well as the monitoring company. The monitoring company can call emergency personnel if needed.

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