Make A Memorable Wedding Toast

A universal fear of people is having to make a public speech. Just the idea of doing it makes most break out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, most of us aren’t called upon to make a speech very often, but there those rare occasions when speaking in public can’t be avoided. A number of great performers have told of their fear of performing and what they have done to overcome the fear. You, too, can have the confidence to speak in public when necessary.

A politician who was well-known for his oratorical skill had to overcome his fear of public speaking. Abraham Lincoln’s valet told that “Honest Abe” rehearsed and rewrote his greatest speech, the Gettysburg Address. He then gave the speech standing before an audience of one, the valet, before he gave it a few hours later before thousands at the battlefield.

Often the fear of public speaking rears its ugly head when a good friend planning a wedding asks you to be a member of the wedding party. At first you are thrilled at the honor, then you panic. You realize that you will be expected to offer a toast or speech and that is enough to make you want tell your friend “no.” Added to the pressure is that you need to have a humorous tone to the speech.

Do not panic because you have to come up with a humorous wedding toast or speech for your friend’s wedding. With a series of steps we can help you put the funny toast together and prepare you to deliver it. You don’t do this kind of thing often but with our help you can do it this time with flair.

Start preparing for your wedding speech with a brainstorming session for ideas. Write down every thought about the couple that comes to your mind. The best humorous wedding speeches involve jokes that everyone can understand. But be sure not to share any that may be embarrassing to the couple or guests. Telling stories that involve family and friends is always a hit. You may find it helpful to interview the couple to get a little more information.

Now you are ready to write a first draft. Start with an introduction of yourself and how you know the couple, then using the material you have gathered write down a funny memory from the past. Plan to focus attention on the couple not the larger audience, this will calm you. Finish the speech with a sentimental mention of your friendship and best wishes for the couple’s future.

Next you need to write the final draft of your humorous wedding toast. Your speech needs to be about five minutes long- five to six hundred words. Include the best of your material, jokes memories and stories. The talk should be practiced until memorized. You will entertain the guests better if you do not have to read every word. Some great speakers have found it helpful to practice in front of a mirror.

We have a system to take you from start to finish in preparing to deliver a successful wedding speech or toast. However you are connected with the bride and groom we have the guided instructions to help you pull it off with aplomb. Lose no more shuteye over the prospect of being a total flop before two hundred plus friends, relatives and strangers; our tools will make sure it goes well for you..

You will Make A Great Wedding Speech