Make Your Frameless Shower Doors

Wow! What a shower? Your bathroom is amazing! Where did you get these stunning frameless shower doors? Yes! A spectacular bathroom with frameless shower doors enhances the overall feel and is very satisfying for the entire family. The shower doors are better alternative of shower curtain and keep water inside a shower. You can buy several types of shower doors stated as under:

* Frameless Shower Doors

* Framed Shower Doors

* Sliding Shower Doors

* Swing Shower Doors

You can buy Shower doors in numerous unique styles, finishes and glass patterns to tone with other bathroom accessories such as faucets and shower heads. The Shower doors are usually made of clear glass, plexiglass, tempered glass or aluminum. There are neo- angle design shower doors offered for use on neo design shower pans also.

Nowadays glass shower enclosures are provided having benefit of being free of any metal frames around the glass region. The glass shower enclosures shield your health by precluding the growth of any kind of bacteria or fungus that usually develops in between the glass and the metal frames. They also preserve the shower region secure and totally free of any danger for you personally as well as for your family members.

The frameless doors are made of 1 panel and for your suitability you are able to have the options of greater than 1 panel to close the shower design. Apart from this, the panels are produced of tempered glass with as much as 4 different sizes of thickness.

* 1/4 thick

* 5/16 thick

* 3/8 thick

* 1/2 thick

Frameless vs. Semi-Frameless

The semi frameless shower doors may have framing around the whole opening however there’s no framing around the actual door panel itself. There is no precise guideline here and might vary from model to model. In case of frameless, the shower doors will have least amount of support panels and framing around the door. Clearly this looks very appealing and enhances the general ambiance of the bathroom.

Absolutely Frameless Shower Doors

No doubt you can attract much better cost and margin delivering the highest quality item. Without framing you cannot support the shower doors and therefore all shower doors require some type of framing or hardware to ensure the door is totally supported. Some vendors offer nominal framing and provide utmost luxury to establish item differentiation.

Premium Glass in Frameless Shower Doors

The Premium glass has polished edges with thickness for an ideal balance. Moreover the other sizes provided are 5/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ thick glass in a variety of styles and grace. This is the beauty of style that whole thing emerged as very graceful to transform your shower into a different world.

Type of Glass

Apart from standard clear glass choices, there are many varieties of obscure glass designs available within the marketplace which reduces the visibility into the shower.

* Antique

* Glacier

* Obscure

* Rain

* Fluted

* Autumn

* Coral

* Crepe

* Ice

* Storm

* Bronze tinted

* Grey tinted

Make Your Frameless Shower Door

You must follow the steps as below to create your personal Shower door.

1. To begin with select either the shower or tub.

2. Now you must determine the type of door you’d like to have. The selection of door will be based on the available shower space. Additionally you can also make the preference based on movement or appearance of the door.

3. After deciding the type of door, now you have to focus on frame type. You are able to opt from a variety of door options available in Frameless, Semi Frameless and Framed styles. You must compare the benefits available with various options between completely framed or frameless choices to modernize your bathroom.

4. To match your priorities you must decide the style of your door.

5. Yet another is choosing your specifications to assist you in designing your shower space like:

* Shape of your shower

* Desired width

* Desired height

* Color Theme

6. Lastly you must go for the frame finish and also the glass style which goes with your overall bathroom decoration.

The creativity has taken its own tall and consequently the options are unlimited. Now you have an option to install custom cut glasses from highly trained glass technicians. This enables you to purchase a totally frameless enclosure which ought to eliminate all of the imperfections of your tiled opening. There are vendors who never use any u-channel or needless framing to match your style. The u-channel usually holds water and soap scum that ultimately converts into fungus or rust.

You will find companies that don’t have the ability and expertise to deliver an actual frameless enclosure and therefore use u-channels. You have to make sure that if you would like a frameless shower enclosure then it must be frameless and nothing less than that. You are able to instantly see the difference in between the finest frameless shower door created, manufactured and installed by the best technicians comparison to a regular framed shower door.


You must clarify the warranty available with shower doors. Usually Brass, Aluminum, and Chrome shower enclosures are assured for a period of 1 year. You will find businesses provide warranties for installation and some other covers you to the original purchaser to become free of imperfections in material and workmanship. Mostly abuse, misuse, improper maintenance or accidental harm aren’t covered with in warranty. Additionally manufacturer guarantees polished brass finish for a period of 6 months.

Frameless Shower Doors Care

Make sure that you don’t use any cleaners that include ammonia and you must take special care and do not use any abrasive cleaner or sponges with abrasive surfaces. You have to clean the glass with mild soap, Clean Shower, Glass Plus or similar such cleaner regularly available within the market. The metals may also be cleaned using the similar goods as the glass. Use sponge every day to prevent the build-up of soap and water deposits.

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