Making The Blockbuster Film Into The Mummy Game

The Mummy is an extremely famous movie franchise that has made millions of dollars in international box offices with a string of several movies and now you can also play the Mummy game online. Video game design studios have tinkered with motion picture studios for many years to develop games that closely follow the plot of major movies in order to satisfy fans of the films. Video games designed from blockbuster films use the same settings and characters to essentially reproduce the storyline from the movie but make it so that the player can be part of the events. How has The Mummy been turned into an online game that allows for many players to participate at the same time?

Familiar movie characters and styles will greet you when you first start playing the Mummy game and are given the chance to make a personalized character. Each player has to choose to be a Cultist or a Raider; these two factions are mortal enemies, with the Cultists being those that worship Egyptian deities and practice ancient magic. If you choose to be a Raider, you will notice that your character is styled after the archaeologists from the films with a few creative twists that are just for the game. Each group permits you to choose from unique character classes that have specific abilities, many of which are not shared from one class to another.

When you come face to face with evil monsters in the Mummy game, you will probably recognize the majority of them from the movies if you have seen them all. From small scarabs that want to kill you to scary looking mummies that you have to fight, there are many challenges for your character. Harder challenges come in the way of bigger and deadlier monsters, including gigantic scorpions with deadly stingers.

You will not be able to succeed in this or any other MMORPG games unless you are willing to coordinate your efforts with other players. This is a special feature of online games that makes them quite appealing; instead of playing alone, you have the support of an entire community of gamers.

The Mummy game is one of several modern online video games that sticks to the story line of a famous movie franchise. Playing this game online is currently free for gamers to sign up for, so you can get connected with all kinds of other players around the world in this fun game.

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