Misconceptions Surrounding Underground Fence For Dogs and Pet Crates

To some one unfamiliar with the function of crates and their role in dog training, crates may seem like form of punishment for some unseen disaster your pet may have had a hand in. The simple truth of the matter is crates are perfect for house breaking your pet.

What else can crates do well? They can keep your pet safe and out of harms way. They are great for travel. With the use of crates you and your pet can share vacations and family outings without you having to keep a constant watch 24hrs a day. They serve as dogie bedrooms. Some dogs may grow so accustom to their crate it could be their room of choice. This also means that many dogs will sleep in their crates when cushion is added. Basically crates are man made dens for dogs so its no wonder that so many find comfort inside its walls.

When it comes to purchasing a crate you should have a clear idea of the size and type of crate you’re looking to purchase. There are 2 basic types of crate, wire and fiberglass. The material you wish to surround your pet with is up to you.

Your next big decision is deciding what size crate to invest in. If you put your head on tight and give this topic serious thought, you’ll more than likely want to provide a crate for your puppy that will remain large enough even after he is full grown. This is of course up to you. If you’re fortunate and have a little disposable income then you may choose to purchase larger crates as your puppy grows instead of the on size fits all scenario.

If you’ve chosen to go with my suggestion of procuring a larger crate that will support your pet throughout the course of his training, you’ll need to partition off pets living space within the crate until he grows into the entire space. By barricading portion of crate pets not occupying you lesson the probability of said pet eliminating to close to his sleeping area.

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