Modern Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring for whom anyone who drinks of its waters is reputedly restored to their youth.

Its waters are supposed to have healing powers which keep us young and immortal or at least, young and healthy until our dying day. Belief in the fountain of youth was widespread among the native people of the Americas, Eurasia and elsewhere.

Primitive man was fortunate to live 18 years, healthier people might have made it to the to 25 or 30. In the united states of the 1800s, the average life span was 25, a hundred years later, it had soared to 47; and in the year 2000, the figure had shot up to 80.

The modern day fountain of youth is not related specifically to a fountain of magical water, but a product or service. Vision the burgeoning plastic surgery, fitness and health supplement markets.

Eating a vegetable based diet, restricting caloric intake, stopping smoking, daily exercise, yoga, and meditation are a few well known paths to extending health and well-being into old age, but still there is no all encompassing anti aging product or treatment.

Loss of muscle and bone mass, a decline in reaction time, compromised hearing and vision, and reduced elasticity of the skin, are the characteristic manifestations of aging. What is aging? The scientific definition of aging is the accumulation of random damage to the building blocks of life”especially to DNA, certain proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.

Regular exercise and good nutrition serve as the best current prescription for a long and healthy life.

The use of vitamin supplements, hormone replacement and Anti aging pills is ever increasing and whilst no firm evidence exists for their long term benefit, many studies are showing early promise. One exciting area of study is in the use of Anti Aging Products such as Resveratrol.

Early studies have shown promise against Heart Disease, Stroke Risk, Carcinogens of all types, Cellular Level dysfunction, Brain and cell degeneration, Lactic Acid Buildup and Free Radicals & Dangerous Toxins and in promoting Metabolic Rate, Good Cholesterol and Natural Energy.

Resveratrol is now available as an orally taken food supplement. Depending on manufacturer the recommended dose is two capsules per day.

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