Harry F. Delgado

(561) 779-3724

Summary of Qualifications

Dedicated and analytical Information Technology Manager and Programmer with over thirty years’ experience in application development, network administration, user training and support and documentation for companies in the banking and insurance industries.  Results-focused professional with proven skill developing, maintaining and updating PC, client/server and Internet applications that dramatically increase efficiency and productivity.  Demonstrated ability to apply strategic vision to establish and enhance IT departments to meet overall business goals.  Effective communicator able to lead teams to complete major projects on time and within budget.

Professional Experience

Alzheimer’s Community Care – West Palm Beach, Florida 2013 – Present

Manager of Information Technology 

Manage all networks and remote locations consisting of 2 Windows 2008 r2 servers with 5 Hyper-V Virtual machines and 12 remote VPN enabled locations in the West Palm Beach area. Responsible for Test on an annual basis the recover-ability of the data center and twelve offsite locations. Established yearly test calendar. Acting as the primary liaison to the data center organization, business continuity units, and application development community on data center operations/special projects, business unit recovery testing, and new application testing. Responsible for total migration from 2003 Exchange local server to the Microsoft 365 cloud based services for 90+ user accounts.

  • Develop requirements, outlines, budgets, and schedulers for information technology projects.
  • Oversee all phases of project from conception to completion.
  • Upgrading information security.
  • Maintaining and upgrading all companywide desktop software and operating systems.
  • Manage team of consultants, programmers, developers, and analysts.
  • Ensure project is completed within budget and on time.
  • Follow PMI standards to manage projects through the project lifecycles of initiation, planning, execution and closure.
  • Develop work-breakdown structures, project tracking and variance reports.
  • Assemble risk management plans and work effort documents.
  • Create project documentation.
  • Provide risk assessments.
  • Review and revise estimates.
  • Assess new opportunities.
  • Prepare proposals.
  • Flag potential systems or software issues.
  • Manage multiple vendors.
  • Utilize in-depth technical knowledge and business requirements to design and implement secure solutions to meet customer / client needs while protecting the corporation’s assets.
  • Develop security standards, procedures, and guidelines for multiple platforms.

Excess Risk Underwriters, Inc. – Coral Gables, Florida 1997 – Present

Manager of Information Technology (Consultant)

Selected to establish, manage and support all technology related resources, processes and strategic direction as an original member of a small start-up Insurance Underwriting company, with responsibility for maintenance and development of PC, client/server and Internet-based insurance applications.  Develop and update company web site, manage all networks consisting of one Windows 2000 and two NT 4.0 Servers and manage two contract PC technicians.  Plan all hardware/software purchases, manage IT budget and administer IIS, Exchange and Check Point Firewall.

  • Enabled company to realize revenue growth of over $300,000 with 50% increase in productivity through development of a Group Insurance underwriting system and several rating and proposal systems that support primary business by generating policies, certificates and bills while processing commissions and claims.
  • Spearheaded the complete installation and upgrade of network from Novell 3.12 to Windows 2000.
  • Provide training and support to in-house and client users on PC applications as well as the use of hardware and software.
  • Utilize development tools such as FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, MS Access, Oracle, FrontPage 98 and SQL Forms, Reports and Menus in AIX UNIX, Windows 95 and NT environments to create applications that drive the company’s business.
  • Implemented Social media platform.

American Bankers Insurance Group – Miami, Florida 1987 – 1997

Systems Analyst

Gathered user requirements to design, enhance and support PC and client/server Insurance software applications for this niche market insurance company that underwrites Flood, Property, Casualty, Health and other types of third party policies using systems applications developed and supported in-house at its state-of-the-art facility.

  • Reduced customer calls regarding account inquiries 50% by configuring and implementing the Conversant Voice Recognition system and later upgrading it to IBM DirecTalk/6000 software.
  • Produced an 80% increase in claims processing capability through design and maintenance of a FoxPro application.
  • Developed small group floppy-based applications that supplied agents with readily available rating and proposal information regarding small groups under 50 people, which dramatically increased productivity.
  • Significantly enhanced the Rating and Proposal process by creating a Basic application and designed a Visual FoxPro program to automatically prepare prefabricated letters based on database information, increasing productivity by 50% in both areas.
  • Enabled more efficient processing of credit card accounts by developing the Roadgard credit system in FoxPro.
  • Trained groups of up to 10 users on new applications and performed modifications to software based on results of user testing.
  • Developed detailed management and systems flowcharts using Microsoft Visio product.


SunTrust Services Corporation – Miami, Florida 1984 – 1987

Manager/Personal Computer Specialist

Retained following merger with Century Bank to design and manage the installation and support of home office and branch LANs, install IBM PC, XT, AT and compatible computers, create PC batch processes and coordinate major projects.  Managed three personal computer technicians and developed dBase, VisiCalc and Lotus financial and accounting applications including all company budget spreadsheets and graphs.

  • Key player in the set-up and configuration of the original Brickel SunTrust 3-Com network in 1985.
  • Integral member of the team responsible for integrating SunBank IT operations in Miami with SunTrust Bank; implemented a Project Tracking system to effectively monitor all primary functions and timelines.
  • Held weekly meetings with users and technical staff to determine needs, resolve issues and provide necessary training or resources to meet goals and maximize morale.


Century Bank – Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1980 – 1984


Rapidly promoted through two positions supervising up to five computer operators running nightly cycle jobs and daily ad hoc reports to hold a programmer position responsible for developing banking applications in Neat 3 Assembler to facilitate the installation of numerous financial and business packages on IBM PCs for a large data processing center.

  • Created, documented and implemented a specific process for sorting all branch office checks, which freed both computers and operators to complete nightly cycles several hours before deadline.


Technical Skills


  • Social Media specialist
  • WordPress developer
  • SEO specialist
  • Key Word specialist
  • Internet Marketing
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Dbase
  • Oracle
  • PL-SQL
  • SQL Plus
  • SQL Forms
  • SQL Menus
  • Oracle DataBrowser
  • EasyTreive Plus


  • AT&T Conversant Voice Response System
  • IBM CallPath DirectTalk/6000
  • WordPerfect
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • Amipro
  • WordPro
  • Lotus Notes
  • Office 2013/365
  • MS Office Products
  • PCAnywhere
  • FTP
  • FrontPage
  • MS Exchange
  • MS IIS
  • Novell NetWare
  • SQL Server
  • Dyna Comm
  • NSA
  • Rumba Mainframe Emulation
  • Microsoft Products

Operating Systems:

  • MS/DOS
  • OS/2
  • WARP
  • Windows all operating systems versions
  • Windows NT Workstation
  • Windows Server
  • Novell


  • NCR Century 300
  • Criterion 8565
  • IBM 3090
  • All Personal Computer Types
  • IBM Risc 6000
  • Hayes compatible modems

Education and Specialized Training

  • Visual Basic 4.0, Access Programming, Miami Dade Community College – Miami, Florida
  • CIF System, NCR Company – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • NEAT 3 Assembler, NCR Company – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Dbase III Plus, University of Miami – Miami, Florida
  • WINDOWS, OS/2, Lotus 123, WordPerfect 5.1, American Bankers Insurance Group – Miami, Florida
  • UNIX, AT&T Corporation – Dublin, Ohio
  • Conversant Voice Response System, AT&T Corporation – Dublin, Ohio
  • IBM DirectTalk/6000, IBM Corporation – Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • Oracle 4.2, CASE, American Bankers Insurance Group – Miami, Florida
  • MCSE training, CompUSA – Miami, Florida