Native Woodland Plants Add Natural Charm To A Garden

Plants that thrive in wooded areas of North America are famous for their rustic, natural appearance. Furthermore, those who invest in such plants need not be concerned that they will overrun the property or threaten other botanicals. Those in search of the ideal native woodland plants will be pleased to find there are multiple variations from which to choose. Some popular selections include the following:

Trinity lilies, also referred to as wood lilies, are small perennials that grow in various woods of North America. They may reach heights of eight inches, and their leaves are broad with generous, white blooms. The latter feature various shades depending on the season, transitioning from white, to pink, and eventually to deep burgundy in the fall.

Leatherwood is a type of shrub that thrives in the Eastern woodland sections of North America from Canada to northern Florida. Such perennials typically grow to a width and height of 4 feet by 4 feet. The shrubs have hardy stems and pale green leaves that change to dark gold in the fall.

Another flower that thrives in wooded areas is the Indian pink. The latter are found from eastern Texas to Indiana, in the southern United States. Also called worm grass or woodland pinkroot, they reach twelve inches in height when conditions are normal. Their stems are typically tall, and adorned with burgundy or yellow blooms that feature a unique star shape.

Another popular choice in this category is the white dog tooth’s violet. These flowers are called by many different names, such as adder tongues and white trout lilies. The herbaceous perennials thrive in the woodlands of eastern Texas and southern Ontario. They flower at the end of April, reach heights of 12 inches, and do not require much sunlight to grow.

Native woodland plants are the perfect choice for homeowners who wants to add a rustic, natural touch to their garden. They are available at local nurseries, or one can shop for bulbs online. No matter which type of botanical one finds appealing, most consumers are pleased with the quaint beauty they add to a property.

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